Written by Eddie Ferranti
Dec 31, 2003 at 09:00 PM
ImageYou know it’s going to be a good year when you start it off seeing a band like the Stone Coyotes. As vocalist Barbara Keith said as she took the stage at the Rhythm Room, “We came 2000 miles to rock your New Year’s! Good evening Houston, we’re the Stone Coyotes!” And ROCK they did folks.

This band just gets it. Straight forward, crisp, clean, tight Rock n’ Roll to blaze through the night and bring in the new year with a bang. You can even understand the lyrics, which something few current rock bands today can boast!

Keith is a pure throwback foot petal using guitar wizard. Doug Tibbles strong backbone drumming and son John’s bass/dual lead guitar playing is so steady that there was no chance of throwing out your neck while banging along. Keith throws the killer 70\’s type “wah-wah” sound in at all the right times.

Opening with there most mainstream tune Give me Joey Ramone, it was killer all the way through. Classics like Born to Howl, Swayin’ and Church of Cryin’ Rain were peppered with new tracks to keep the set rocking and fresh at the same time.

Few bands are able to create as much sound and substance as the Coyotes do live, but just like those who can, they pull the audience in and leave them saying ‘Damn!’ when the night is over.

For some weird reason, this Boston trio has hooked up with H-Town. God bless us for that happening is all I can say.

With the band staying around town well into the first month of 2004, there is no reason not to get out and see one of the best independent bands around on the scene today. Mark your calendars now for their show on January 24 at the Continental Club, they’ll be sure to turn up and rock out on that night.