Written by Abel Carmona
Mar 16, 2007 at 08:00 PM
ImageWhat happens when your wife ask you to cover a show and you have no idea who it is, I’ll tell you. You end up at a Scissor Sisters show and once I looked them up and found out who they were, I really wasn’t looking forward to covering this. But it wasn’t as bad as I thought it would be and there were a few laughs to be had. Plus my wife had a great time with her friends, so it was a good night.

As we walked onto the floor of the Verizon, it looked a lot different than most nights I have been here. There was a DJ set up on stage spinning and mixing dance tracks; and the lighting that was set up gave the place the feel of a night club rather than a concert venue. Not sure if tonight’s show was sold out but by the look of it, it was going to be a packed house.

The opening act was one of the greatest things I have seen done at a show. It was a group called Wigs On Sticks, and that’s quite literally what it was, wigs on sticks. Stage hands came out and placed the wig topped sticks in front of microphones that were set up. As the lights went down, the wigs welcomed everyone to the show and proceeded to cover old 60s classics giving everyone there a good laugh.

And while it was hard to do, because of how much they moved, I went ahead and got some great action shots of Wigs On Sticks just so our readers could see what a great act this truly was. Just so you know, yes, I understand wigs can’t speak or sing, But I thought it was a pretty ingenius idea for an opening act. I mean come on their wigs on sticks how much simpler can’t it get you don’t have to pay them, feed them, or make sure they stay off of the drugs.

After the crowd settled down from Wigs on Sticks, the Scissor Sisters took the stage bringing an enormous ovation. After the band got set up, vocalists Jake Sheers and Ana Matronic took center stage and began leading the crowd as they began their set. The first thing I noticed about Sheers was his on-stage energy; He has got to be by far one of the hardest working front-men I have seen. He runs back and forth across the stage and dances the entire set.

Also I was quite taken with Ms Ana Matronic; she wasn’t what I was expecting to see at tonight’s show. A tall sexy redhead that has a great voice and full of wit and humor on stage. What also took me by surprise was guitarist Del Marquis his skills were well shown as he ran through riffs on guitar, bass, and acoustic guitar. Their music is somewhat of a mix of 60s disco, glam rock and dance-pop that even though it’s not my type of thing , it makes for a good live show.

ImageThe Scissor Sisters did once thing I haven’t seen done by any other band. They managed to turn the floor of the Verizon Wireless Theater in to Houston’s biggest dance floor that night. As fans got in to each song more and more the floor looked as if you were in club some instead of at a concert. And it wasn’t just limited to the floor I looked up a few times during the show only to see the fans above us in the seated area dancing around as well.

Their set list seemed to be a list of fan favorites such as “Kiss You Off”, “Filthy/Gorgeous”, and “She’s My Man” and “Land Of A Thousand Words”, ending the night with their biggest hit “I Don’t Feel Like Dancing”. The one thing I will remember about tonight’s show is the chorus line to one of their songs (don’t know which one it is) that states “You can’t see tits on the radio”. All in all it was a good night and as I said before my wife had a great time there with her friends so it was well worth it…