Written by Jim Bille
Mar 17, 2007 at 08:00 PM
ImageAs always, Jonny Lang was on top of his game Saturday night as his tour swung through the Verizon Wireless Theater. He was just in town last September opening for Steve Miller, playing what I considered to be an abbreviated set as one of the opening acts.

I mentioned in my last review of Jonny Lang “The show was close to perfect”. This time it was perfect.

Brandishing his gold tiger maple Gibson Les Paul, Lang ploughed through guitar playing boundaries that most players couldn’t dream of approaching.  With his crack band backing him up Lang was free to improvise or just play straight sharp edged blues.

Jonny Lang never ceases to amaze the crowds with his blistering guitar workouts and incredibly soulful singing.  Saturdays show was no exception. The set featured a little something from all of his recordings but was highlighted mostly from his latest Grammy winning CD entitled Turn Around. With the release of this CD, Lang has embraced Gospel rock.

Most people that know anything about Jonny Lang know that he was, in his own words, “spiraling downward” from drug and alcohol addiction.  On his website Jonny recounts the specific experience of Jesus coming into his life one day in a spectacularly literal sense, and from that moment on he was released from the chains of addiction. Jonny credits God for touching his life and turning it around for the better – clearly a good thing, and probably a life saving one.

Lang punched out one high-rev tune after another including Wonder this World, Bump in the Road and Red Light.  His version of Quitter Never Wins, from his CD entitled Lie To Me, was a real jewel.  Other tunes from the evening included Stevie Wonder’s Livin for the City, Thankful, and One Person at a Time.  Don’t miss this show the next time around.  It’s one of the best on the road today.