Written by Jim Bille
Nov 29, 2008 at 08:00 PM
ImageIt usually happens once or twice a year. Austin’s once upon a time super group, the Arc Angels, get together to perform a few shows for the loyal fans from the groups short lived hey-day back in the early 1990’s.

Cursed from success early on due to drug addiction, personal discord among the band members, and ‘my ego’s bigger than your ego’ attitudes, the Arc Angels quick flight crashed and burned as fast as it took off. They did manage to release one critically acclaimed self titled album that landed them on the David Letterman show twice and ended up charting well. But that was it.

The members that include the Double Trouble guys, Chris Layton and Tommy Shannon along with Charlie Sexton and Doyle Bramhall II went their separate musical directions and all achieved individual success. Bramhall has been a featured member of Eric Clapton’s band for a few years as well as releasing his own music. Sexton has produced and recorded a number of albums as well as performing as a featured member with Bob Dylan’s band. Double Trouble’s legacy was secured before the younger Sexton and Bramhall made it out of grade school and have remained on top their game regardless of the project.

Last Saturday was one of those once or twice a year happenings. The Arc Angels played a much anticipated show at the House of Blues and brought back the hey-day again for the Houston fans. Fans that included the ones that used to pack into the Bon Ton Room on Washington Ave. as well as a younger generation of supporters just catching on.

The band pretty much stuck to playing music from their one and only album but did surprise the crowd with some new songs that leads one to think that more may be forthcoming from the band.

Some of the numbers included during the evening were “Sent by Angels”, “Spanish Moon”, “Shape I’m In” and “Living in a Dream”.

Sexton and Bramhall lit up the crowd with some incredible dual guitar work throughout the night. Extended jamming between the two highlighted many of the songs performed.
The duo even pulled out an old Bon-Ton Room favorite sharing the guitar duties on a credible version of the Hendrix song “Fly On, My Sweet Angel”.

After witnessing this performance it’s hard to believe that these guys only went so far. They sounded like they never split up in first place. Their playing was extremely tight and polished and they genuinely appeared to be having a great time.

Who knows, maybe this could be the re-start of something big for the Arc Angels and us fans as well.