Written by James Dillon
Feb 02, 2009 at 08:00 PM
Image2009 has only just begun, but it’s already been a great year for music in Houston. With the Wild Moccasins release show at the end of of last month and Broken Social Scene last night at Numbers, and a few more good shows coming up soon, our city is in for musical overload.

Enough about what else has and is going on, last night was all about Broken Social Scene at Numbers. I was surprised to find that they were playing Numbers on their Houston stop, but seeing as some other, larger venues were booked last night Numbers was the place to be. The smaller setting for such a big band (I mean in both popularity and number of members) was a real treat. The only downside to the smaller venue was that less people could attend the sold out and packed show. When I made the short drive from my house down Westheimer to the show the line was all the way down Westheimer from Numbers to Taft, and was wrapping around the block. This was even after the doors had been opened for half an hour.

Luckily I was able to skip the line and get inside with ease. The only catch was there weren’t any photo passes. Normally at Numbers I get the über hook up with two onstage passes for taking photos, since there isn’t a barrier in front of the stage. Unfortunately I wasn’t allowed on the stage for this show. When I inquired about said passes I was told “Sorry man, there are going to be seventeen people on stage tonight. No one but the band is allowed on the stage tonight”. Bitter sweet news considering I hadn’t been expecting the (pretty much) full line up for Broken Social Scene. Of course Emily Haines, Feist, and Amy Milan were not in attendance, but the group still had some surprises up their numerous sleeves.

While watching the Lymbyc Systym I decided it would be far too hard to try and take photos from the ever growing crowd, so I made the run to my car to stash my camera. Because of my little run from the show (I had to park a ways away from the venue, I really should have just walked to the show) I missed most of their set. I fought through the crowd to find my friends moments before Broken Social Scene took to the stage.

The number of people on stage from the start of the show to the end grew steadily from song to song. After an opening number with just a few people on stage, more members appeared to play “KC Accidental”. From that moment on the show was not only a joy to listen to (the sound at Numbers last night was actually good! Crazy, right?) but a spectacle to see as so many people were onstage.

The first little secret treat the group offered up was in the form of singer Lisa Lobsinger joining the in to sing the track “7/4 (Shoreline)”. As soon as the opening notes were played, the venue erupted with screams and dancing was inevitable. More classic Broken Social Scene tracks followed in the top notch set list.

The second little treat the Scensters had in store for those luckily enough to be present, was bringing Andrew Kenny on stage to play an American Analog Set tune with Broken Social Scene as the backing band. It was at this point in the night that I couldn’t help from literally jumping with excitement. I have been an AmAnSet fan for a number of years now, and I was even lucky enough to make it to the second to last show they ever played. With the group on hiatus I never expected to hear AmAnSet songs played live again, so hearing Kenny play “Hard to Find” absolutely made my night.

Sadly I lost track of how many people were actually on stage performing, but at one point I counted fourteen. With Kenny and Lobsinger popping up on to the stage to sing or play tambourine, the songs could not have sounded any fuller.

The latter half of the set list contained a few old gems like “Anthems for a Seventeen Year-old Girl” and the set closer “Lovers Spit”.

Heading home after the show I could not help from smiling from ear to ear. The smile still hasn’t completely worn off ad I write this. In fact, I am still trying to absorb the show. I think it may be a while before the realization of how truly fantastic the evening was sets in.