Written by Eddie Ferranti
Jun 15, 2009 at 08:49 PM

KPFT is located at 90.1 on your FM dial in Houston, Texas. They are a part of the 5 member group known as Pacifica Network. My FM radio has had a button set for 90.1 for at least the past 14 years or so. Nearly 90% of the funding for the station comes from the loyal listening public.  They throw around monikers as “Your Radio for Peace” and “Homegrown” radio.  Whatever.  The thing that attracted me in the first place and keeps me as a fan, is the MUSIC.  I won’t go off on a rant about how weak the actual time alloted has shifted off the music over the years. Politics dominate and BBC news?  WTF?  That being said, I’m not here to mash KPFT, but to lend my support. Morning Drive Time on Wednesdays with Susan Darrow rule,  Lonestar Jukebox with the one and only Rickie Heysquierdo on Saturday AM’s is a treat,  plus Spare Change with Larry Winters and Joe’s Roadhouse featuring Blueshound and Baby Girl are sweet.

The Mucky Duck is a happening music venue in H-Town these days and for this event they did a fine job. Mr. Rusty and Shane assembled a nice tent set up that worked well,  especially since the weather was not up to par. With a staff that includes the likes of Amanda,  Ashley, Katelin and Ben it always is a cool deal to visit this joint…I’d like to just do a summary type review of the bands that stood out to this reviewer- which were many!  By the way, a special thank you goes out to James “the music man” Killen for his contributions to this portion of the review.

Probably the single most attention grabbing group of the day. The first band I caught and they slayed me.  Rusty & Shane snared these wild thangs at the Folk Alliance in Memphis. I was told it was a must see in advance.  Picture if you will “AC/DC meets a Banjo” and that’s what these 3 rockin’ ladies from Sweden brought to the table.  Never have I seen a slide played on a freakin’ banjo!  They opened for Bob Schneider the night before and got a rousing standing ovation.   This is what happens if you plant “Dixie Chicks” seeds in Scandanavia !!  A MUST see when they come thru H-Town again which is  hopefully August per Mr. Rusty.

This dude has been around the block a few times and is just genuine boot scootin’ boogie and there ain’t nuthin’ wrong with that my friends. “London Home Sick Blues” is the famous opening to Austin City Limits performed by him. “Ask Me What I Like About Texas” and he’ll tell ya in his country killer way.

Another band that caught my attention big time.  Clarinet and accordian and it rocks?  Gotta see it to believe it and I PLAN on doing that whenever they pop their heads in Houston again.


All I can say is that “Traveling Texas” brings back the old commercial from Texas Bureau of Tourism. This dude is living in the past and it is not a welcome sight to attend his “wake me up when its over” gigs anymore. What’s up with his hair?!

Mr.Ely solo was an art form of true Texas musical religion this rainy day!  Belting out an earnest reflection of our greed ridden society with “Workin’ for the Man and You Ain’t Breakin’ Even” says it all. JE borrows from Robert Earl Keen  (“Rode Goes On Forever”), Billy Joe Shaver (“Gonna Live Forever”) and Townes Van Zandt (“White Freight Liner Blues”) and does a masterful job. All serial killers use 3 names. Joe Ely just uses 3 letters twice. What an understatement indeed.  Got one of the rare standing ovations this day. Dude NEVER mails it in. Always 101% for the people who love him. A MUST see always for this reviewer.

This cat is a blues funk machine in a tight small package. I’ve seen him for years and today he brought his A+ game!  He’s Robert Cray incarnated and he ain’t dead yet !  Dude loves to do the Springsteen strolls thru the crowd, plowing thru licks of Deep Purple and Led Zep. To say he continued the wave that Joe Ely started is putting it mildly.  There’s always room for a dash of Loomis in my music world…………..

What a drag it was that this great historic legend had to follow Joe Ely and Hamilton Loomis on the bill. Unfair for sure, but somebody had to do it. Absolute straight ahead Texas Blues is what this fella is all about. STILL kickin’ it in his 70’s.  God Bless him.


What can I say about this Austin spit fire that I’ve not already said?  Everytime I see her she seems to have a different look, but always sounds great!  Been on her wagon heavy since mid-2007.  She was with a bass player and drummer and handled the lead sweet as hell!  Her pop/jazz show is something to behold. “Chico” is just a drop dead show stopper and today was no different. I love this woman for her talents and WHO she is- a sincere and caring person who happens to rock your ass off, too !  If she’s in town, I’m usually there too…………….Loved her scarf look!

The rockabilly king of H-Town always is a treat.  Been catching him a lot in 2009, including his killer gig in Jefferson, Texas at Mardi Gras last February.  I prefer him with his band of young killer dudes, but today solo he still played 2 crowd churners  “Girl from Passa Get Down Deenah” and “Baby Do Ya Want Some” !!!  Never a dull moment when this guy is around and you cannot find a nicer dude in the biz. Being a side kick of Hayes Carll is never a bad thing and this guy is a force in the H-Town area. If you ever get the chance to see him at Blanco’s full band GO……………

Been chasing Dayton since Stingaree One in 2007.  Never seem to get to a full blown gig from him and his band. Along with him was Mike Stintson who looks more like a dude out of Mott the Hoople era, but looks can be deceiving. Randy Weeks told me about him awhile back and the 2 of them put on a nice lil honky tonk swap fest!  For a lack of a better moniker,  JD puts out “White Trash Country Music” and loves it.  I recently caught him out in Conroe and he’s a funny ass dude, too.  Worthwhile party for sure.


Another BIG fave of HMR !  Such a shame that RW’s slot came as the closer to this fine event. Well past 8pm by the time they hit the stage, the crowd was clearing out, but the music was scorching hot.  If you’ve not caught these fellas since Wil Sexton (Who didn’t play this day, instead Jack Saunders filled the bass role) came aboard, why not?!  Tight as hell with Rick Poss in fine form and Weeks no slouch at all on guitars.  “Going My Way” is the latest CD from this Minnesota mad man and good indeed.  A REAL treat of thee evening was KPFT’s Rick Heysquierdo & yours truly DANCING cheek to cheek in front of the stage !!!  Thank God a camera could not be found.  HA!  Anyway, CATCH this dude wherever he plays.  7/16/09 at Almost Austin House Concert series is a good place to see him, along with Wil Sexton and Idgy Vaughn…In closing, I could not bellieve I stayed at this gig from 1 to NINE PM !  I only missed mystery guest Ian Moore. All in all I could just not leave. Not usually big on all day deals, but this one was very good. Hats off to the Mucky Duck for recognizing  KPFT in a very deserving manner.  It nice to see a venue take a risk and try something different to support LIVE music.  Check this joint out-and 90.1-and you won’t regret it people…………..I’m off my soapbox and gettin’ outta here, Edge