Written by Eddie Ferranti
Sep 11, 2009 at 07:30 PM
ImageLiving in Texas since 1979, I have had the rich pleasure of being exposed to great live music over the years.  Being in Houston I get to witness bands from all over the world as they pass thru. One of the best bands I’ve caught in awhile happens to come from up the road in Austin, The Band of Heathens.

Touring behind their second studio album (and 4th including 2 live CD’s), “One Foot in the Ether”, they slid into the intimate confines of the Warehouse Studio in downtown Houston and what a treat it was for those who came out. To say these dudes are rock solid is an understatement. Having not one or two talented songwriters, but three, is unreal.

Ed Jurdi, Gordy Quist and Colin Brooks could all stand on their own if they wanted to, but collectively (with ace bottom backing of Seth Whitney on bass and John Chipman on skins) they are awesome. The new tunes were featured this night and man did they play out well live.

From the opening cut, “Golden Calf”, I could feel the energy coming from Quist and company big time. The “blabbing/texting/cell phone” crowd even shut up and took notice! If BOH were a basketball team, Quist would be the point guard if you will. Everything runs thru him in a good way. As GQ has stated “this band does nothing safely” and the chances they take all seem to “swish thru the hoop”. Like I said, the new tunes ruled like “LA County Blues”, a steamy hot “Somebody Tell the Truth” featuring Colin and a tear down “Look at Miss Ohio” with Quist just ripping it up! “Let Your Heart Not Be Troubled” was very fluffy and meaningful.

A very impressive factor about these cats is how professional they present themselves. By that, I mean the sound is perfect every time I see them, no matter the venue or location. They always pour their heart and soul into every gig, which is sweet. This is like the seventh time I’ve had the pleasure of seeing this band and they just get better. I’ve seen them in small outdoor Central Markets, Jefferson, Texas Mardi Gras, tiny Old Quarter Acoustic Cafe in Galveston and all the way to the big stage at the House of Blues and it is just the same no matter what-KILLER.

“Jackson Station” and “Hallelujah” were big crowd favorites also this night. Another way I knew BOH was serious was the omission of the cheesy chick favorite “Cornbread”. Left more time to shred on the new sheet! I’m a child of the 70’s music scene and BOH dares to stretch out and JAM on their tunes just like the heavy hitters of that generation did! Very bad ass indeed. Not only do they have 3 poets in the band, but also 3 lead guitar players which is epic.  Critics throwing out comparisons to the likes of the Black Crowes, The Band and Little Feat offers irrefutable evidence that these fellows are for real and a force to watch out for not just in Texas, but worldwide in my mind. They are that good.

In summing up this reviewers take on BOH, I must quote Mr. Colin Brooks himself when he stated the following: “We have three distinct writers/singers who share the front but make a unfied sound, not unlike some bands of the late ‘ 60s and ‘ 70s, when the music was what drove the wheel, not the tabloid pop-star personality with a great rack!  Don’t get me wrong; everybody loves boobs. The problem is, you can fake tits, but you can’t fake soul.” Amen brother Colin !  Their sense of humor keeps them grounded and not fool of themselves which should only carry them farther down the Rock ‘N Roll highway in my book.  Catch ’em when ya can.  AND make sure to catch them on thee legendary show Austin City Limits which airs in November !  It’s “slam dunk city”…………Peace and Out