Written by Abel Carmona
Nov 19, 2010 at 08:00 PM
ImageAs I made the walk up to the third floor of the House of Blues around 9pm, all I could see where people everywhere, I knew tonight’s Social D show had been sold out for a while but seemed like the entire top floor was packed.  Got my tickets and headed for the door but had to move out of the way quickly due to two girls who had been fighting in the club and were letting up once outside.

All I could think was dam going to be one of those nights where you get too many people in a packed room and all hell bust out. The crowd was a mix of 45ish years old, who had probably been listening to Social D since the beginning, The rest was a mix of punk rock kids, rockabilly’s and your alternative rock types.

Once inside I worked myself up to the stage front and waiting for Mike Ness and the boys to hit the stage,  for tonight’s show there was a very strict no camera policy and about every five minutes or so security was telling someone to put the camera or phone down. Was starting to have the feeling we were going to get some stage manger come down at any minute giving us some kind of rules to follow or something.

But luckily no one came down to babysit us, and the lights went down and the crowd went crazy. Social D wasted no time as Mike Ness strolled up to the mic in his zoot suit and hat, a very different look for him than his usual tee shirt and jeans. I was actually pretty stoked to be stoked to be taking photos of a band I have liked for years but had yet to ever see, so much so that I totally paid no attention to what the first song even was.

After I settled down and the second song started, I was very aware of the opening guitar riffs to “Mommy’s Little Monster” and Social D killed it, had the crowd going word for word on it. Afterward Ness spoke to the crowd a little saying that it had been over four years since they had been to Houston and they hope they worth the wait. With that said they ripped in to one of my favorite Social D songs “Don’t Drag Me Down”

The guys looked good and sounded great, Ness can still belt out a tune and as eerie as it was to see him pushing 50 years old the guy still sounds the same as he did since the first time I ever heard him. Being that Social Distortion has been around for right around 30 years with a number of lineup changes, It is still going down as one of my favorite shows that I have seen and  great night of music for Houston.

The rest of the set was a mix of all the old school hits like “Sick Boy”, ” I Was Wrong”, “Bad Luck” and of course two of their biggest ” Story of My Life” and “Ball and Chain” both had the crowd in a daze, some sang, some screamed and yelled and some just closed their eyes nodding their heads as if thinking back to  their youth sitting around listening to these great songs.

We also got a few new cuts thrown in from what is say to be a new Social Distortion album “Hard Times and Nursery Rhymes”  to be released sometime early 2011. The songs that stuck to mind were “Bakersfield” and “Still Alive” both had that classic country punk sound that Social Distortion has had for years that has influenced countless numbers of bands

Funny to think that the first few times I had heard Social Distortion I didn’t like it much, I thought it was too slow, since I was more in to my metal and hardcore stuff at the time. After my musically one track mind started to come off the track and began listening to different types of music it was then that I found Social Distortion and started to like it…a lot.

Thing is after all these years of listening to them I really didn’t get it, it wasn’t until I had started to live life, real life you know having a job, bills, a wife, an ex wife, a kid and really finding out what the world is all about that when I listened to Social D now I truly find the lyrics as a story of growing up and all that it entails. Being in my mid 30s I feel now more than I did then that I understand more of what Ness was talking about in his songs, and it has made me love those songs even more.