Written by Abel Carmona
Dec 05, 2010 at 12:00 AM
ImageComing in to tonight’s show I was thinking back to the 90’s a time when music was making its change once again as it seems to do from one decade to the next. A time when the metal and glam groups were dying out or fading away to make way for a new gritty raw sound that being touted as grunge music, then later being genre in to alternative rock. As a flood of artist were coming out of Settle which was consider the new Mecca of rock at the time a little band from Chicago called the Smashing Pumpkins were about to make their own mark on the 90’s.

As I walked in to the Verizon Jimmy Eat World was just about finishing up with their set, which for the song or two I heard sounded pretty good and the crowd had seem to be digging it as the gave them a great ovation as the left the stage. About 20 minutes later the house lights went down and the stage lights when up for the Smashing Pumpkins. They opened with a new cut from the latest album ‘Teargarden by Kaleidoscope’ called “The Fellowship”

Which sounded decent but to be honest I haven’t been up to date on any new Smashing Pumpkins music for a while. But the crowd seem to like it or maybe was just the fact that it was the opening of the set. This was quickly followed by “Bullet with Butterfly Wings” which really got the crowd moving as fans could be heard screaming the chorus line “despite all my rage, I am still just rat in a cage”

Afterward this was followed by a Pumpkins song I have always liked, but felt it never got enough airtime. A single off of the Lost Highway soundtrack called “Eye” it just has this kind of gothic electronic tone through out it like a dark lullaby. Next up was a song I grew to like, one of their biggest hits off of the ‘Siamese Dream’ album “Today” as soon as the songs opening guitar picking could be heard the crowd went crazy.

Now back when this song was first coming out and like anything that is considered new and up coming, MTV and radio station were playing this song and video non stop and I can remember thinking is dam’it their playing that dam ice cream truck song again (if you’ve seen the video you get what I’m saying). But after a while I came to like the song as with the Smashing Pumpkins too.

I’m one to get in to a band and listen to not much else for a while, and once I hit my Smashing Pumpkins faze I ended up becoming a fan of a lot of their work. As the set rolled on Billy Corgan picked up an acoustic guitar for their Fleetwood Mac cover of “Landslide”  which was always done pretty well by the Pumpkins to me. Keeping with the mellow tone the followed up a stellar performance of “Tonight, Tonight”.

As the set was nearing the back half Corgan gave his safety speech for the night as a few fans began crowd surfing during what was to me not a crowd surfing type song called “Stand Inside Your Love” as the song ended Corgan went off by saying “This isn’t the 90’s, crowd surfing died in the 90’s, so don’t do it. If you want the 90’s I can go 90’s on you, and hit the next person that comes over the rail with my guitar”

I just found it all kind of funny for an artist who’s music help shape the 90’s, I can understand trying to move forward and all, but don’t be all down about the 90’s a time that made you and your music who you are. The show was ended with a few more new cuts that I didn’t recognize, guess I will have to do some Pumpkins homework.
As for the show in itself, it was a great show and a good set, But in some ways I don’t feel like I saw the Smashing Pumpkins tonight, yes I heard their music but I didn’t see them. Instead we got Billy Corgan and his “band” and I think that most feel the way I do, in that until the day comes that James Iha, Darcy and Jimmy Chamberlin step on stage with Corgan. Their will truly never be another Smashing Pumpkins show…