Written by Eddie Ferranti
Jul 09, 2011
ImageThe term “cool cat” is an old time, tried and true description of many things in life. This night at the Barnes House Concerts in NW Houston it belonged to Ray Bonneville. He is a Canadian born; Austin based singer, songwriter, guitarist, footpad stomper, and harmonica player. So basically your one man band!  Pulls it all off in a sly grinnin’ laid back spooky drawl with loads of funky beat behind it.

The intros to the tunes were not elongated, but enough to give the strong “feel” like on gems “Mississippi”, written by a gent named Mike Jordan, and his 2008 #1 Americana hit, “I’m the Big Easy”. That tale about the city of ‘Nawlins after Katrina in 2005 being the singer was priceless and a well-deserved award.  RB’s songs have a definite Cajun poppy blues swagger to them which is influenced from his living there over 10 years. Speaking of which, where hasn’t he lived?!  Just in passing he mentioned Arkansas, Colorado, New Orleans, and now Texas.

ImageRay played a lot this night and the sound was perfect for this tight, but comfortable house gig.  More highlights, which were many, were “Dice Are Loaded Before They Are Thrown”, wicked “July Sun”, “I’m a Tip Toe Spider” offered as a rain dance, “Oxford Town”, and “Look at That Mountain”.  One thing I dig about Bonneville now that I’ve seen him for the third time is his affection for a good story, especially if it’s not his own. This “cool cat” is a modern day dry witted troubadour who is well worth seeing and God knows this fellow gets around. 30 + years on the road an soundin’ better than ever.

This great feel good evening would not have been possible without “Don’t get on Deanna’s badside” Barnes and her great host hubbie Bill.  This was our first visit to this series and it was a goodie. Pot Luck RULED. Made $15 door fee a steal this night!   House concerts are something that has been a part of Rose and I’s live for going on 5 years now.

To us it is so neat when it works.  Great freinds talking good music and sharing killer grub, too.  BYOB does not hurt the wallet either.  Judging by the packed house this series is doing well. You can always reach them at; bildeann@swbell.net to get them to hook you up with updates on future gigs. Looks like 8/27/11 is next one with Eric Taylor.  HMR has added them to our “follow” list and y’all should, too. God Bless all who bring live music to the masses………….Peace and out.