Written by Abel Carmona
Aug 10, 2011 at 08:00PM
ImageWhat’s up boys and girls, been a while since I hit up a show. So I made the long 15minute drive down to the Scout  Bar to catch Richard Patrick and his latest ncarnation of Filter. Haven’t seen Filter do any touring since Buzzfest a few years ack, so was ready to see what the band would bring since the release of their atest album ‘The Trouble With Angels’

Filter opened with “No Love” from the new album, it reminded me a little of their arlier work with its slow lyrics and harder chorus. What came next was a surprise, s Patrick said to the crowd “Hey we’re in Texas, so you guys like ZZ Top right” and ith that Filter pulled out a cover of ZZ tops “Give Me all Your Loving”  that was retty entertaining to say the least that was followed by “The Take” from 2008’s Anthem for the Dammed’.

Next up was what ended up being one my favorite songs of the night, another new song Drug Boy” that again reminded me of earlier work from their first album ‘Short Bus’ t had that very hard industrial sound that Filter was built on.  Patrick would go n later to say it was yet another of his many songs about drugs and then asked the rowd “who likes drugs, because I love them I just can’t do them anymore”

ImageThe next few songs were a couple of slower numbers that included the fan favorite Take A Picture” and “The Best Things in Life” both of which I have never been to ig on. Just something about both of those songs that scream out made for TV ommercial to me. But that was quickly made up for by touching on two of my favorite ilter songs. Welcome to the Fold” and off of the‘Short Bus’ album “Dose” this was he song that first drew me to Filter, its hard heavy and I have always felt like it as a like big fuck you to Trent Reznor and Nine Inch Nails.

Back in the good old early days of techno Industrial rock, Nine Inch Nails (NIN) was lowing people away with their music and incredible live shows which included Richard Patrick. Patrick was NIN touring guitarist for the first few years, until like most everyone else who has worked with NIN had his differences with Reznor. Not long after his split he started Filter which has been his main stay ince 1993. With the exception of his quick endeavor of ‘Army of Anyone’ with the De eo brothers of Stone Temple Pilots that didn’t last long.

ImageTo finish out the night Filter brought out another early one “Hey Man, Nice Shot” hich has always been one of their bigger songs and was also Filter’s first shot at adio play. I remember when it first came out, it was not long after Nirvana’s Kurt obain had just shot himself, So most people believed it was about his death. When n reality it’s based on the public suicide of Robert “Budd” Dwyer, who was the reasurer of Pennsylvania in the 80’s. He was onvicted of taking bribes and before e was to be sent to prison, he called a press conference where he shot himself in front of room full of people, Hence the title “Hey Man, Nice Shot”

All in all was a good night, I enjoyed seeing Filter and thought the set was pretty tight. About the only thing I have to complain about is the fact that I have yet only seen one full set from filter and that was one of their first shows. Tonight they were under billed as Saliva was the night’s headliner, so the set was pretty short maybe an hour for the most part. Would really like to see them come back around and do a full tour sometime soon.