Written by Abel Carmona
Aug 22, 2011 at 08:00 PM
ImageHello boys and girls, Houston’s own Blue October made their way through H town for a pair of shows. While the first was a sellout show, we at HMR didn’t get a chance to cover. We did make it in to the second show that while not sold out was still a nice full house full of Texas fans for a Texas Band.

Walked into the House of Blues pretty much right on time, within a few minutes of arriving Blue October took the stage to massive ovations. As the band set up out walks front man Justin Furstenfeld who starts off their first song “The Feel Again” singing A’Capella for the first few lines to the cheering fans that knew the song and sang along.  As he got to the chorus the rest of band kicked in and started the show.

As much as I have liked most of Blue October’s live shows this one was a little different, with a lot of new material being played right up front, with the exception of “Say It” I really couldn’t tell you the first few songs. As much as I hate the feeling of going to show and not knowing a bands music, I could tell by the crowd I wasn’t the only one feeling like I was a little lost.

ImageAlmost midway through the set another new song was played but at least I knew this one, and so did the fans. They played their current radio hit “The Chills” and followed with “Dirt Room” Both with their more rocking tones got the crowd back into the show.  After a few more songs into the set Justin brings out a drum track machine and sets it up next to his mic. After feeling a lost from the first half of the set I was now very confused.

Normally you don’t see many bands use drum machines, with the exception of some older industrial or rap metal type bands. Mostly I have always seen them used for rap and hip hop groups who don’t have a live band backing them or so I thought. So as the next song starts out comes this almost hip hop / rap bass line from the machine with a little guitar from the band, but mostly just the bass beat. As Justin starts to sing it takes me a few seconds of listening to realize the boy isn’t singing, He’s rapping

For the next few songs Justin could have gave Eminem a run for his money. He threw out lyrics and rhymes and then would hit the choruses singing and screaming. Most of these again were new songs and I do have to say one did stick with me. Their title track to the new album “Any Man in America” was a song any single dad who has dealt with ex wives and child issues could hear and know the pain and how frustrating the whole ordeal can be, by the end of the song Justin had me thinking ‘right on brother, right on’.

They finished out the night with a few more fan favorites and of course closed with “Hate Me”. While it was a different show than I was expecting, it was still a good show and showed that Houston as well as Texas still love’s it own Blue October…