Written by Daniel Barker
Aug 22, 2011 at 08:00 PM
Image When you hear that the music industry is dying, how does that make you feel? I believe that the older you are the harder it hits home. The vise grip that “the industry” had on artist and fans long ago has faded to the point where the bare greed shines through. It is nights like tonight that reinforce the absolute fact that original music is alive and stronger than ever. The band without borders sound of The Dear Hunter was coming to Houston’s Warehouse Studio.

The Dear Hunter is a music concept of Casey Crecenzo which he originally embarked on as a side project while a member of The Receiving End of Sirens. Thru multiple album releases known as ACTS, Crecenzo would bring to life a great American tale. Crecenzo left The Sirens in May 2006 and has released ACTS I, II, and III. ACT IV is on the way.
But…..TDH was in town tonight backing the release of another fractal from the mind of Casey Crecenzo…A single concept album regarding the seven shades and two tones in the visible light spectrum. A total of nine – 10” vinyl EP’s were released in a set and titled The Color Spectrum. Each four song EP named for a shade or tone within the aforementioned light spectrum totaling 36 songs overall. Wow!!! –  I get a headache just trying to explain it. I can’t imagine trying to remember the lyrics every night.

Although most of ideas are Casey’s, the band brings it to life each night. The Dear Hunter consist of: Casey Crecenzo-guitar, lead vocals; Nick Crecenzo-drums; Robert Parr-guitar, backing vocals, keyboards; Connor Doyle-guitar; Nick Sollecito-bass.

The Edge and I walked into a modest crowd during the crux of the back to school season. This is an Indy band by all means and the college crowd diehards did made it out. There were definitely a lot of tightjeans and hipsters lurking within the sausagefest. Cutoff Corduroy and Beige Backpacks for miles!!! The sound was too loud and the lighting was atrocious AGAIN at The Studio. Come on guys…The Edge was not given much to work with behind the lens but came thru like a champ. Go check out the photo gallery for this show if you haven’t yet.

For honestly not knowing much about this band walking into the place, I did like their sound – one which is all over the place – a controlled chaos at times. As I did my research for this review I became more and fonder of what Casey Crecenzo has been able to do despite the obvious risk he has taken to pursue these projects thru completion. CC talks a lot about his belief that people actually exist that can appreciate abstract concepts and ideas. A belief that people will pay for a more complicated, more sophisticated sound in these times of ringtones and TMZ.

Image  Not too long ago, The Dear Hunter would have been shelved by the monopolized record labels and would have little chance of producing any marketable product. However, as “the industry” implodes, technology lends itself like a raft to the motivated, intelligent and versatile artist of our times…artist like Jeff Magnum(Neutral Milk Hotel) and Anders Parker(Varnaline). These artists have the luxury of full control over their creative property unlike so many of the greatest artist of the past. The studio owned you – period. Let bands like The Dear Hunter bring the Emancipation Proclamation that you do not have to be independently wealthy, signed, or screwing a record exec to distribute quality work. Let them bring it to Houston, Texas upon Juneteenth!!!

Keep an eye out for these guys to come back soon. The Dear Hunter had been in town a few months earlier with Dredge. During the show CC mentioned that two of his favorite bands opened this night – O Brother and KK and The Weathered Underground. Sometimes you roll the dice and you do OK. Tonight was a great night to catch up with Senior Editor Edge Ferranti and learn a little something. Every Day is a Holiday – Every Night is Halloween. See you out supporting live music.