Written by Eddie Ferranti
Aug 25, 2011 at 08:00 PM
ImageOne of the nicest things about being involved with Houston Music Review is all the types of music I get to chew on in the underated music market of Houston, Texas.  My good music buddy Rick  recently told me me: “I never know where you’re at. You go from Hilly-Billy to Ted Nugent!”  Well tonight I WAS at a SOLD OUT steaming hot House of Blues gig WITH Terrible Ted Nugent!
I’ve lost track of how many times I’ve seen the man quite frankly.  Say what you will about his political stances and rants, but the bottom line is the cat delivers the rock goods every time.

Playing before a pro male hammered crowd with a stage decorated with a big American flag and guitars with of course a vast array of guns, including a machine gun, the Nuge stormed head on into ‘Free For All’, ‘Strom Troopin’, and an elongated and super hot ‘Wango Tango’ complete with hot chix dancin’ out of nowhere! This was a beyond high energy show with Ted in all his glory flanked by old partner since the mid ’70s Derek St. Holmes trading guitar riffs all night.  Madman Mick Brown pounded the skins and Greg Smith handled the bass and some vocals.

At 63 years old , Mr. Nugent is really making a believer out of me when he swears he’s been sober all his life.  Growing up in the Midwest and working in a steel mill to get myself thru college makes me relate to Ted’s love of blue collar USA.  He grew up in Michigan and lives in Texas and I grew up in Ohio and live in Texas. His praise of the USA military is unwavering and heartfelt, too. “This freedom we got ain’t free Mo Foes” was just one of thee numerous epic one liners he barked throughout the night.

ImageBut the real draw to the older crowd was the timeless riffs on the appropriately titled ‘Just What the Doctor Ordered”, ‘Wang Dang Sweet Poontang’ where he ventured off to pay homage to guitar legends Booker T, Chuck Berry and Bo Diddley to name a few. TN’s stamina and non-stop motor was impressive. ‘Hey Baby’ smoked and ‘Fred Bear’ gives me goosebumps everytime I hear it live. ‘Cat Scratch Fever’ and ‘Dog Eat Dog’ brought the freakin’ house down.

This gig was chocked full of loudness and it really hit a spine tingling height when he dedicated in super X-Rated fashion ‘Stranglehold’ to the sweating mass of rock flesh!  The opening cords were down right paralyzing and bad ass.

ImageTed’s way is Ted’s way and he said : “If I offended you , you’re an asshole to begin with!”  With all the media access these days if you don’t know what you’re going to get at his shows shame on you.  Like I said earlier I’m not going down any political road, but just his deliveries are stunningly fresh and funny to a child of the radical 60′-70’s like I am.

Encoring with my personal fave ‘Great White Buffalo’ followed by his heart and soul rendition of ‘Star Spangled Banner’ was a fitting ending to a true blue controversial and lovin’ it all fellow named Ted Nugent.

Gotta leave ya with one more classic by the man: “Summertime I like to ROCK, and the then the rest of the year I kill shit.”  The Motor City Madman is an icon in his own way and I still dig him.

See ya next summer dude……….Peace and out.