Written by Eddie Ferranti
May 16, 2013 at 09:00 PM
ImageFew things in life are constants these days in our super fast lifestyles that we are forced to endure on a day to day basis. Fortunately, music provides an oasis. A place to hide out, stop the presses and enjoy all that the Good Lord above has bestowed upon us.

One such constant is a visit from Eliza Gilkyson.

She dropped into the comfortable setting of the Mucky Duck recently. She brought her son, Cisco Ryder, on drums and the ever-smooth guitarist Mike Hardwick. These two helped whisk us away so we could enjoy what she does best, which is entertain.

Be it her sassy delivery of a joke about herself or a jab at the political going’s on in the world, it all adds up to a great experience. Her super sweet rasp always grabs me and holds on throughout her gigs. Tonight was no exception.

Jumping in with “Blue Moon Night” with the killer lyric that poked at today’s society: “Turn off the I-Tunes!” the set was on a good path. “Emerald Street” followed after EG told the history behind the song, once again, joking about the “one” day of spring that the city of Austin celebrates every year! This tune has been dubbed the “whistle” song where she gets the crowd to whistle with her until they can’t possibly keep up. Classic fun!

Mike Hardwick may be the most poker-faced guitarist I’ve ever seen, but the man has a silky smooth delivery that just mesmerizes the audence with his electric guitar skills.

“Roses at the End of Time” showcased his talents and the producer of the same album, Cisco Ryder, meshing together in a sultry mystic sound that was neato. EG was in rare comedic form this night as she proclaimed she didn’t know if the world would all come to a frantic collapse or if she’d die first as she introduced her brother Tony’s “Death in Arkansas”, featuring MH on lap slide mean guitar.

“Rare Bird” featured a nice jam and then a newbie “Nocturnal Diaries” (I believe)  followed where EG stated most of her new album was written in the middle of the night. Fitting close to first set was “Dark Side of Town”.

After the break Eliza asked for requests and the chestnuts fell from the tree big time! “Welcome Back”, “Fall Into the Night,” where Hardwick really cut loose, politically charged “Highway 9” where EG stated players have changed with same results and the always moving “Tender Mercies”.

“Beauty Way” featured the loud and proud talents of Mike Hardwick and I personally wish this dude would air it out and jam more often! Touching tender as all get out “Jedidiah” was done and then EG closed out the gig with sing-a-longs which she adores. “Beast Comes Slouching” and fun “Wildwood Springs” left the audience with ear-to-ear grins on this packed house school night.

Gilkyson has been doing her thing her way for over 40 years running and I see no reason to change anything except get that new album out before 2014. She carries the monikor of the first lady of folk very proudly and deservedly so…Love ya girl and we’ll see y’all out there somewhere on my oasis!