Written by Cary Corral
Sep 05, 2013 at 08:00 PM
ImageHe’s the undisputed king of salsa — Marc Anthony ruled the night last Thursday at Toyota Center. The Nuyorican is on tour celebrating his first original salsa album in more than a decade. The album, 3.0, was well worth the wait. The sizzling new single “Vivir Mi Vida” made history by remaining at the top of the Hot Latin Songs chart for 14 consecutive weeks. In fact, it shot to No.1 on iTunes just hours after its release.

For nearly two hours, Marc Anthony enchanted fans with his music. His energy infused the throngs of thirsty fans who yearned for a taste of salsa bliss. Many, of whom remained on their feet the entire duration of the concert.

There were various moments between songs where Marc Anthony would simply stand on stage peering out at the crowd (presumably taking in the mass hysteria). This ultimately propelled round after round of screaming matches from the crowd, all clamoring to be heard. It was absolutely, terrifyingly piercing. And for a venue like the Toyota Center, that says a lot. In an interview with Latina Magazine, he said “There’s nothing like that energy exchange with my fans when I’m onstage. I just follow the music and go with it. It’s all about getting immersed in that rhythm.”

In all, he sang 14 songs. He opened up with his widely-acclaimed “I Need To Know,” which set the stage for the remainder of the show: It. Was. A. Party. In a word, it was riveting. Marc Anthony prowled on stage from one end to another. He knows it’s his domain; he’s in his kingdom.

For the most part, it was a salsa show. He sang several of his hits, “Hasta Ayer,” “Valio La Pena,” and “Vivir Lo Nuestro.” The 5-time Grammy Award winner also went out of his way to note that his life forever changed after hearing Juan Gabriel’s “Hasta Que Te Conoci” just before he proceeded to sing his version of it. And he saved the best for last with “Vivir Mi Vida.”

In summary, the song encourages to go out and live life, stop sweating the small stuff, enjoy it, and be happy. And what’s not to love about a message like that?