Written by James Killen
Sep 28, 2013 at 08:00 PM
ImageOn day four of a five consecutive day tour of South Texas, Andrew Hardin and Jeannie Burns pulled in to Kenny Pipes place in Pasadena following an afternoon appearance on Larry Winters’ Spare Change Show at KPFT. It takes a couple of professionals to pull off a schedule like that and on Saturday evening we were treated to some very professional showmanship by Andrew Hardin and Jeannie Burns.

Hardin has spent many years touring with Tom Russell and producing records for many other artists. Jeannie Burns came up as one of the folk rock, Burns Sisters and has recently teamed up with Hardin to blaze a trail as an Americana duet.

I’ve been listening to Hardin’s unique blend of blues, country, Spanish and jazz guitar for a while as part of Tom Russell’s sound and as it turns out, several other artists whose recordings I have enjoyed, so this show was a welcome opportunity to see Hardin in action.

The pair started the show out with several songs from their latest production, “Lounge”, including “Earthquake Hurricane Flood”, “Underbelly Blues”, “The Road” and “I Lost My Faith”.  In all of those songs, Jeannie’s voice carried the lyrics with strength and Hardin’s nimble fingers danced across the fret board. The duo did their first of several of the night’s cover songs with a beautiful rendition of  Lucinda Williams’ “Lake Charles”. They followed that with a Lady Wolf version of Howling Wolf’s “Smoke Stack Lightening”.

The evening continued with Hardin-Burns originals, “Ache”, “Ella”, and sliding into the intermission with “Stars Are Shining”. Throughout the first set, watching Hardin work was like watching a magician. Both Jeannie and Andrew joined the intermission conversations with open camaraderie and from my view sold a nice bit of merch.

ImageThe second set started off with tasteful cover songs, like Ray Bonneville’s “Oh It’s You”, Warren Zevon’s “Carmelita” and Rowland Salley’s “Killing the Blues”. They dedicated the Hardin-Burns original, “I Waited Too Long” to JJ Cale and performed a soulful version of Allen Toussaint’s “Freedom for the Stallion”.

The duo picked one of my favorite George Harrison songs to cover, “Beware of Darkness” (also the only cover song on the “Lounge” CD), doing a bang up job. They finished the second set covering Fred Eaglesmith’s “Crashing and Burning”, Dylan’s “It Takes a Lot to Laugh, It Takes a Train to Cry” and Steve Earle’s “Mystery Train II”.

The encore was played in response to a request for “Angels Waiting” from “Lounge”. It’s a beautiful song that Andrew prompted Jeanie through as it had not been part of their rehearsed repertoire.

In spite of the mediocre size of the crowd, I espouse that the attendees were well entertained from the energetic applause and enthusiastic merchandise requests. I, personally, picked up the “Lounge” CD and have found it to be a treasure of vocal expertise, musicianship and production. It’s likely to be the subject of one of the Saturday listening spots in the near future, even though it’s a year old.

In the mean time, ya’ll have fun. We do.