Written by Dave Clements
ImageWhen I left for The Woodlands Pavilion for a Houston Music Review Assignment on this Wednesday, April 9th, I had no idea what I was getting into with the Canadian band Arcade Fire with some Woodlands roots.

I knew I liked the name of the group but I had no idea if I would like their music. I now have an opinion; I’ll share it in a moment.

First, let me share that the opening act was The Lost Bayou Ramblers. What a terrific Cajun band from the deep south of Louisiana! These five guys took the stage to a sparse group of fans as there was still considerable daylight hitting the Pavilion stage. However, they played their set as if they were playing to a sold out New Orleans Super Dome.

These musicians are talented and make you want to move your feet.  Without going on and on – you want to go see this group.  Don’t miss the opportunity especially if you like Cajun music, or you want to go check out what real Cajun music sounds like.

ImageNestled between The Lost Bayou Ramblers and headliner Arcade Fire was the DJ, Kid Koala. Also hailing from Canada, he didn’t do much for me. The audience, however, seemed to connect with him. His fuzzy costume wasn’t terribly impressive either. Wasn’t sure what he was trying to put across but, what the heck, something of value must have gotten him this gig? Right?

So on to the headliner, Arcade Fire.

This group is out touring to promote their latest album, Reflektor. Their first song was the title song from this endeavor and it went on for several minutes. By this time in the evening, the audience had filled most of the seats plus the front third of the lawn.

Many in the crowd were well dressed in their Arcade Fire cult attire. I’m not familiar enough to know what all the symbolism on the tee shirts is about. I did notice the Chronicle photographer spent a considerable amount of time photographing these ‘believers’ as they entered the venue. I’m sure he got some great shots.

ImageBack to the show, this large group of men and women assembled on stage were outstanding musicians. The crowd, including me, really enjoyed the richness of the sound. Think alternative, indie rock… with a baroque twist! They ripped through a dozen and a half songs that delighted their loyal fans.

Arcade Fire has been gathering these fans since 2004 when their first album was released. Two band members, Win Butler (lead singer) and his wife, Regine Chassagne formed the band the year before in 2003. The group won a Best Album Grammy in 2011, and has been nominated many times. They have also won numerous awards internationally, including several Juno awards, which is Canada’s version on the Grammy.

Obviously Arcade Fire has found a niche with their unique style of music. I can’t say I’m now a ‘believer’, but I’m impressed by their sound, their longevity and their success. I hope it continues for many years to come and every now and then they will play in their former backyard.

Until next time remember there’s no time to kill.