Written by Jim Bille

P1090047 Touring in support of her latest CD, Chills and Fever, Samantha Fish has hit the road to rock it with her fans nationwide. One on stop earlier this month on May 4th was in the Woodlands at the  Dosey Doe Big Barn.

The opening number, He Did It”, a 60’s sounding jump tune was an early evenings taste of Samantha Fish’s talent and was one of the many songs from the new release featured.

Fish’s follow up song was the title cut from the CD “Chills and Fever” a slinky tune from the early 60’s originally recorded by Ronnie Love. Fish’s take on the song added a kind of an Amy Winehouse sound but with that extra R&B vocal punch that Fish has mastered so well.

“Voodoo Working” was another stand out number from the show. Fish brandished a white Gibson SG for this tune and slipped and slid her slide bar all over the song as her crack band joined in for extended solos. Band members Mark Levon and Travis Blotsky owned the song as far as I was concerned considering their excellent and intense sax and trumpet horn duel that had to be pushing their oxygen levels down and blood pressure up from blowing the brass so hard.

Speaking of trumpeter Travis Blotsky, Fish covered a Charley Patton number called “Jim Lee Blues”, which again featured Blotsky with a rag-time jazzy type solo that augmented Ms. Fish’s acoustic guitar work and soulful vocals.

P1090317Another exceptional tune from the evening was Fish’s version of “Crow Jane”, a song penned by delta blues man Skip James from the 1930’s that actually has been covered by a few other bands in recent years. Fish’s version is a pure blues head bangin’ rocker. With its slow driving melody along with an ominous heavy back beat Samantha Fish’s rendition was highlighted with generous slide work appropriately played on a classic cigar box guitar with chilling effect.

Samantha Fish’s popularity has been gaining significant momentum lately as she is consistently delivering charismatic and power punch shows that will knock you back in your seat. Her firecracker demeanor coupled with red hot guitar work and incredibly soulful vocals will definitely leave an impression on you especially if you are a first time witness to one of her shows, as I was.

It’s hard to pigeonhole Samantha Fish’s music into one specific genre. At first you think she is straight ahead blues, which would be fine, but then she will dash it up a bit with some really strong R&B that sounds like she just stepped out of a recording session at the old Stax record studios in Memphis. Throw in a pinch of Motown and mix well to get an idea of what you might expect. That’s so far anyway. Who knows where this songstress will lead us next but where ever she’s headed you better follow. And if you want to see her perform in venues like the Dosey Doe or similar size places you better think about doing it soon as I believe she will be cresting a big musical wave soon that should be landing her on top of the music scene. Music fans need to come along for this ride and hang on…it could be a thrilling trip if the show I attended is any indication.