Written by Eddie Ferranti

To say Gary Clark Junior has come a long way since the days he hung out underage in clubs with his cousin W.C. Clark is an understatement indeed.  Being in the great music Mecca of Austin, Texas for years gave him the bare bones roots of his blazing bluesy style. His star is bright as he continues to grow in popularity appealing to the younger crowd in today’s crowded music world.  Houston Music Review has been on this cat since 2011 when I sat at the front of the stage at Discovery Green in downtown Houston,Tx.  I was blown away by his ultra cool mojo he had working so effortlessly tearing up the crowd.  Could not believe he was playing a free event.  Well that has all changed big time .  Fast forward to Revention Music Center in Houston for yet another sold out gig to an adoring crowd.
Clark strutted to the stage masked in dark lighting and gave the audience a quick double shot of solo jams on “Ain’t Messin’ Round” and “When My Train Pulls In”.  Talk about a thing you need to witness up close and personal to truly feel the power he blows out.  Feeling confident GCJ veered off normality and whipped out a bunch of new stuff he has coming out.  Being a long time concert vet this usually sends me for a cold one, but he mixed it up and kept my attention.  “When I’m Gone”, “Walk Alone”, and “Gotta Get Into Something” were three he broke out that went from R&Bish to folk to down right filthy raw hard rock!  Clark has been getting a lot of mileage covering the Beatles chestnut “Come Together” which thrilled the packed house with his jarring guitar work, intoxicating vocals, and stellar skin slammer Johnny Radelot backing him up.
Clark grew up with the likes of BB King, Johnny Guitar Watson, Stevie Ray Vaughn, and Jimi Hendrix as influences filling his head.  It was impressive to see him present various forms of music all in a raw and guitar laced infusion of his own signature style. Of course he had to do “Don’t Owe You a Thang” and scorching hot “Bright Lights” which closed out the two hour gig powerfully. On my wish list is a chance to catch this talented gent in a seated show environment.  This night was packed to the gills and took some of the shine off an otherwise bad ass experience.  This guy has no limit on how much he can accomplish if he keeps his head on straight. He has established a firm foundation in the blues and has the savvy to venture elsewhere if he so chooses.  Per Clark the word that best describes him is “curious”.  Go see him the next time he comes to your city if you are curious enough to bask in the blues and beyond!   Go support live music!

Eddie “Edge” Ferranti

Senior Editor

Houston Music Review