Written by Rayanna Barker
May 27, 2001 at 05:00 PM
ImageI don’t normally write reviews but in this case, it was a must. The tour I felt like I had waited for my whole life came to town, The Glam Slam Metal Jam. It was a day long festival of hair, leather, make-up and some of the best music to come out of the 80’s.

The Bullet Boys took the stage early in the afternoon, Marq Torien, the lead singer, was crazy. I have never seen so much energy in a band before. They had only a short set, about 30 mins, but they played some great stuff, including the song that stayed at the #1 spot for the entire year of 1989, “Smooth up in ya”. I’m not a big guitar person but when Jason Hook plays you can’t help but pay attention, he was amazing thoughout the entire set. I can’t wait for this band to come back through.

Shortly after the BBoys set Enuff Znuff started their 30 min set. Opening with the Beatles’ “Revolution,” which was big with the crowd. They then rolled though “Baby Loves You”, “For Now”, and “Fly Away”. And then a Ricky Parent drum solo that just blew me away, I think it is great when a band shows off the talents of such a great drummer. Overall the whole set had a very “black crows” feel to it. Great vocals, not too hard, relaxing and very enjoyable.

When the ageless Quiet Riot took over, they did just that, TOOK OVER! Playing songs such as; “Cum on feel the noise”, “Mental Health”, and “Thunderbird”, which was dedicated to the founder of QR Randy Rhodes. The crowd came alive, sang along and of course “Banged their heads”. They also played “Feel the Pain”, and “Rock the House” both off of their new album called “Vicious Circle”. They played for about 45 mins and left everyone wanting more, but as time would have it we had to roll on.

After a intermission, Great White took the stage. I watched a few songs of theirs, but never got too drawn in by their music, for I was never a big fan of theirs. I ended up going backstage after a while and relaxing for a bit. The energy of the set was good, but I was never truely drawn to their set.

As I sat their knowing who was up next I could hardly contain myself. Warrant, whom along with Poison has been one of my favorite bands for as long as I can remember, was about to take the stage. The familiar start of the “Down Boys” got everyone on their feet and then Jani Lane took the stage.

Between apoligising for being a foul mouth, and inviting everyone at the show back to their hotel this band put on a GREAT show! During “Heaven” and “I Saw Red” I realized that there is nothing in the world like thousands of people singing together every word to a song. Jani then did his favorite song, “Uncle Tom’s Cabin” and closed with “Cherry Pie” They never quit. With everyone limited on time, this band definaly made the most of theirs!

I was very excited about catching Vince Neil on one of only 2 dates he played on the tour. I have always been a Motley Crue fan so seeing Vince without the Crue made me unsure of what to expect. Note for note his band sounded as good, if not better than the Crue. Opening with “Kick Start My Heart”, a couple of songs off of the “Exposed album”, and then “Red Hot”, “Girls, Girls, Girls.” He then slowed it down with everyones favorite “Home Sweet Home”, as the panio began to play, a sea of lighters emerged. Seeing everyone singing along with their lighters held high was one of many highlights to his preformance.

Closing the set with “Dr Feelgood”, Vince thanked Posion for inviting him to play and said goodnight. The crowd went wild, I think another hour of Vince would have been alright for everyone envolved. Chanting and clapping brought Vince back to the stage for “Live Wire”. There are really no other words to describe this set other then it KICKED ASS!

After a short intermission so that Poison’s set could be constructed, the band and the stage were ready to go. In preparation for a show I have seen a lot of things but never have I seen someone vaccuum the stage, this stuck me odd but after the show they put on, I am suprised vaccuuming was the only precaution they took. CC, Bobby, and Ricki took their places on the stage and began the title song off of their debut album “Look What The Cat Dragged In,” then Bret made his entrance and I felt like I was back in High School again.

This band has not aged, they looked better then they did back in 1986. The only thing about them that has changed was a little less make-up and hair.

After playing a few songs the band exited the stage and left CC to do what he does best…JAM. As he played for the next few minutes alone the crowd erupted many times. There is no one else in my opinion that compares to CC Deville, and I think that night I wasn’t the only one that felt that way.

Rejoining CC on stage Poison played something old and something new. “Fallen Angel” was followed by a new song that is sure to be a hit called “Rock Star”, “Unskinny Bop”, and “Ride the Wind”. Then the band once again took off and left Ricki Rocket to showcase his talents. After playing on his own for a few minutes, the band rejoined him and they went into their monster ballad “Every Rose Has It’s Thorn”, for the second time that night the lighters went up and the crowd began to sing along.

As soon as the song ended with a huge explosion they went right into “Your Mama Don’t Dance And Your Daddy Don’t Rock n’ Roll” followed by “Talk Dirty To Me.” This was a great stage show, explosions, sparklers, confetti, you never knew what to expect.

The band said their goodnights and Bret asked if we would all come back next year if they came through and all I can say is Houston loves Poison cause the crowd went crazy. The band exited the stage, and the lights went out. After a short period of noise-making, there was a rim shot, they were comming back.

As the lights went up Bret invited everyone in the crowd to come up on stage with him and sing. The most amazing thing that I have ever seen was happening, Poison, joined by many other artists from throughout the day, were helping people out of the crowd up on to the stage. Everyone sang, Kiss’ “Rock N Roll Allnight” Bret passed the mic around, the confetti was flying, it was the coolest thing I have ever seen a band do. This was a great show from start to finish it never lacked anything. Look for Poison’s Glam Slam Metal Jam and don’t miss this show when it comes through your town.