Written by Samuel Barker & Scott Sturgeon
Feb 26, 2002 at 10:00 PM
ImageWas there any question that people would be up for a Wu-Tang show? Considering this was the first time the group has been back in the Houston area since 1995, people tried a little harder to make it to the show.

Despite being scheduled to go on at 10:30, Wu-Tang did not make it to the stage until 11:30, and not all of Wu even made it then.

The show opened with the DJ putting on a record and U-God hit the stage alone. He covered some of his solo tracks as well as throwing out various verses of Wu-Tang songs. He did not waste anytime getting the crowd into the set and making everyone in the house bounce.

After about 10 minutes, U-God left the stage and gave way for Inspecta Deck to throw out some rhymes. Deck went into his verse from Triumph, then some of his personal solo material. His was definitely one of the more entertaining solo sets.

Deck exited to allow GZA to grab the mic. GZA threw down some of his solo jams like “Liquid Swords” and “Cold, Cold World.” The crowd definitely showed GZA a lot of love. They screamed the lyrics with him, held up their “W’ hand signs and bounced the entire set.

Now it was time for the solo set of the night, the RZA came out and rocked the place. With a bottle of Gray Goose in hand and a smirk on his face, the RZA lit the place up. He definitely brought the crowd to life. Everyone got up and moved when he started into “You Ain’t Shit.” This set the place on fire. People were bouncing, screaming, “You ain’t shit! Your parents ain’t shit! Your pussy ain’t shit!” Everyone definitely fed off the energy the Wu brought with them.

As the RZA left, Ghostface Killer, Raekwon, Cappadonna and Masta Killa took the stage together for the last solo set of the night. The three of them moved around the stage, rapped to each other’s songs and kept the bouncing.

After their 10 minutes, the entire Wu-Tang took the stage (minus ODB and Method Man) with the chant of “Wu-Tang Ain’t Nothin’ To Fuck With!” Once every member got out there, T-town went off the hook. They played tracks from all their records and everyone in the club shouted along.

They threw out “C.R.E.A.M.” “Tearz,” “Re-united” and a lot more. Wu was not trying to mess around at all. At one point, the DJ threw on an old soul record and the RZA stopped everything, talked about how soul was the best music and how they were conceived to soul music. Then Ghostface Killer took over and talked about how their appearance didn’t mean shit, all their jewelry didn’t mean shit, the main deal was that you felt their soul.

There was a lot of soul in the air to be felt, as Ghostface Killer said, “We give back the energy you give us!” That was the real word of the night, energy.

Everyone was a little disappointed that the Method Man did not make it, but they understood that it was his anniversary and the man needed to be home with his family. Of course, everyone knew where ODB was, so the chant of “FREE ODB!” began. It was hard to complain though, as the other members of Wu-Tang rocked the club.

One of the stigmas of the hip-hop community is the lack of quality acts touring, Wu-Tang showed why that is something people should be sad about. These people came with one mission, to take the stage and channel the energy of everyone, which they did. Hip-hop needs more groups like the Wu that are willing to get out and rock the mic in person.