Written by Samuel Barker
Mar 07, 2002 at 08:00 PM
ImageHow can anyone complain about a Rob Zombie show? For me, Halloween is the greatest holiday of the year. People dress up in strange costumes, horror movies are on TV and kids go wild for one night a year. With this in mind, we go to a Rob Zombie concert. What do we have there? Strange costumes, horror movies on the screens and kids going crazy. It’s enough to bring a tear to your eye.

From the opening of Zombie’s set, there were men in large, futuristic soldier outfits, flames and a drum set perched up on a giant devil’s head. The opening song of the night was “Demon Speeding,” which got the crowd going berzerk. The video screens showed footage of various dancers and monsters. Everyone definitely had a lot to see at this show.

Over the course of the set Zombie brought out his arsenal of toys, including a giant skeleton to menace the band and a dancing zombie. It was objects like those which brought the songs about horror movies and nightmares to life. Zombie definitely has no problem.

Another crowd-pleasing aspect of the night was the addition of some old White Zombie songs to the set. The first of which, “More Human Than Human” set the place on fire. People were screaming the chorus, jumping around and running in circles. It definitely got everyone into the act.

Zombie definitely used the screens to add life to his songs with “House of 1000 Corpses.” During the duration of the song, scenes from the movie were being shown and looped. The footage was rather disturbing, but quite a few people were buzzing about trying to see the movie.

The initial set ended with “Dragula,” which was a crowd favorite as well. Zombie conversed with the crowd throughout the set and definitely made it clear that he wanted everyone to be cool with each other, have fun and enjoy the show they had been seeing. The energy at the end of “Dragula” was mindnumbing. People were having a hell of an evening, literally.

For the encore, Zombie and company played “Blood, Milk and Sky.” Which Zombie stated, “We haven’t played this song in years.” Combining sound loops, noisy guitars and a bit of vocals, a wall of sound was built which was easy to exit behind. Though the set only lasted about an hour, no one could really complain, they had seen a lot and received a lot.