Written by Samuel Barker
Oct 30, 2002 at 08:00 PM
ImageWhen Go-Kart Records decided to get a few of their bands to tour together as part of the Go-Kart vs. The Corporate Giant Tour, they definitely picked some of the best bands on their label to fight the battle.

Going up against the Corporate Machine can be tough for the most established act, so it was not surprising to hear some of the stories the bands had to tell about their trip on the tour thus far. However, none of the bad luck or miserable turn-outs for Monday shows hurt their desire to entertain an audience and make them want to rock out to the music.

The first round saw The Daycare Swindlers step up to the challenge. The Daycare Swindlers abandoned the poppier, ska-laden sounds for the most part and instead concentrated on their harder, more punk rock songs.

This move definitely made them fit in with their label mates on the tour, but left this reviewer missing some of my favorite songs from the band. Lead Vocalist Noah, definitely seemed to putting his full energy into the set despite only a handful of people standing near the stage to dance or nod along. Jumping around and perching himself on the kick drum, Noah laid it all out. The Daycare Swindlers, more than likely, made some new fans with their performance.

The second band to hit the stage and step to the challenge was Two Man Advantage.

ImageAs expected, Two Man Advantage came out full blast and forced the audience into their set, though no one really minded. Opening with 2MA Intro/Opinionated Motherfucker, the band crowded onto the small stage, Coach did the introduction of the band and they kicked off the set, never looking back.

Drunk Bastard was steadily off the stage mashing those who were brave enough to patrol the floor with him. The absence of the Rookie was felt as Coach made all his runs through the audience alone.

The rest of the band kept the music tight through favorites like I Don’t Care, Hot Rod GTO and Captain Morgan, amongst others. The set ran full speed and ended with a bang as Drunk Bastard concluded Commercial Break, the final song of the evening, by climbing onto the bar and belting out the final chorus. Those lucky enough to see this act, were definitely treated to one of the classic Two Man moments.

The final band to step into the ring was Toxic Narcotic. I have never been a fan of this band, and that nothing happened on this night to change that. I was blown away by the skill of their drummer, who still owned the kit despite having his kick break multiple times throughout the set.

Toxic Narcotic lost me as it seemed every song was titled (Insert Noun) Sucks! However, I was amongst the minority of people who were not into the set, as many fashion punks and hardcore kids crowded the stage to yell out requests and knock each other around.

Does this line-up have the power to conquer the Corporate Machine? Probably not, but they will definitely give anyone brave enough to venture out to the show something they will not soon forget.