Written by Samuel Barker
Jun 06, 2003 at 08:00 PM
ImageWith the release of The Evil Powers of Rock n’ Roll, the Supersuckers had created a masterpiece rock album and drew a stronger audience than they had previously. Now, with the release of Motherfuckers Be Trippin’, the Supersuckers have met the expectations of the media and the fans, if not surpased them. It was interesting to see if the audiences were able to come as strong as the band.

The Supersuckers never disappoint, whether you see them in their rock mode, like on this night, or in their country mode (see their album Must’ve Been High), one is rarely let down by these guys. Despite covering Willie Nelson’s Whiskey River, the Supersuckers never broke from their high energy rock sound. Blazing though tracks of old like Doublewide and new, soon to be favorites, Rock n\’ Roll Records and Bubblegum and Beer, the band was tight, except for one little error in I Want The Drugs (Eddie forgot to sing a verse).As the night rolled on, audience members were met with blazing guitar solos, classic lyrical tirades and some good taunting between the audience and the band. This life is what makes bands like the Supersuckers special, rather that getting lost in the arena rock mode where no one has a chance to get heard by the band, being in a club gives everyone the ability to hear and be heard.

As the future continues to come with uncertainty, you will always know the Supersuckers will produce quality rock records despite what the kids want to hear. In a time when music is so watered down and so safe, hearing someone like the Supersuckers tear it up gives you faith, it makes you believe in rock n\’ roll.

ImageThe openers did their part in keeping the spirit of rock alive as well.

Throw Rag attacked the stage with their sea-faring escapades and rock insanity. Complete with washboard player, Throw Rag was all your could really ask for from a rock band. Some of the best riffs I\’ve heard in years combined with growling vocals gave Throw Rag that mix of punk and rock that gets the blood flowing and the ear drums rattling.

Opening the show up was Houston’s very own Vatos Locos.

These guys came to play. Duel guitar riffs, a bassist who gets the award for best rock faces EVER and a drummer that kept the beat tight and driving. These guys blend of rock and latino lifestyles added some refreshment to the mix and definitely got everyone in the audience up and ready for the upcoming bands.