Written by Samuel Barker
Jul 21, 2003 at 08:00 PM
ImageLast year David Lee Roth hit the road with Sammy Hagar to belt out some Van Halen classic and show people he was still kicking. The tour went well, but at points Dave looked tired and his voice faded towards the end of the set.This year, Diamond Dave was back. Already having been on road for over a month, Roth looked to be in stellar physical condition and his voice shined early and stayed just as strong until the final notes of Jump.

Backed the same band he brought on the road last year, with an addition of another guitarist, the songs of Roth’s past came to life like they haven’t been seen since the late-80’s. Whether stalking the stage, wooing the ladies in the front or telling off the wall stories, Roth showed the trademark flair that has him at the top of all rock historians’ best frontman lists.

Never one to shy away from what his fans wanted, Roth only touched on one new song, Shoo Bop from his new album, Diamond Dave. Instead, he packed the set full of classics from his Eat Em and Smile album and his Van Halen classics.

Opening the show with timeless teenage anthem Hot for Teacher, Roth and his backing band wasted no time in displaying their tightness and their abilities. Roth hit the notes he couldn’t last year and threw in some of this trademark kicks.

Running with the Devil gave Roth the chance to test the audience as he’d hold the microphone over the audience to hear them shout back the words to a song he first sang over two decades ago. The timelessness of the show was evident when looking at the faces of those singing the words back. Current college students, people in their late 20s to all the way in their 50s were standing together singing back to Roth, who ate it up like a child getting all the attention from a room.

The night didn’t slow down as hit after hit flowed from Roth and his band. California Girls, Just A Gigolo/Sad and Lonely, You Really Got Me, Panama, Yankee Rose and others seemed to keep coming at you non-stop until you were sad the night had come to an end.

Hopefully this tour will lead to a few more years of touring out of Diamond Dave and this band, it was definitely a night of rock classics and memories to cherish.