Written by Samuel Barker
Feb 28, 2004 at 08:00 PM
ImageWhere to begin with this tale. Perhaps with the people attending the show or the setup of the show. The Bottle Rockets are a rock band, no matter how you dice it up, they rock. This was where the problem came into being.Sure, the band is friends with Lucinda Williams and played with her before her days of headlining theaters, but as her fanbase grew, those of us who like to rock were weeded out and those who treat live music like a classical play that is best to watch, but not respond to have become the norm.

The Bottle Rockets played a strong set on this night, filled with new songs from their latest album, Blue Sky, and of course old favorites all jammed into a 9 song, 40 minute set. The band jammed with each other and played together well on the stage, the problem was the audience.

At the end of each song, the band was met with complete silence except on a few occassions a rabid fan (guilty!) would yell out. It got so bad that eventually lead vocalist/guitarist Brian Henneman made a comment on how quiet everyone was. It was depressing to watch a quality band with over 10 years of touring under their belt get ignored by people who acted like they were at a dinner theater rather than a musical performance.

As the band winded the night down with Welfare Music, a man walked in a few rows up and asked “How was the opening band?” to which his two aquaintences answered “Loud!” And trust me, this was far from a loud show.

If the music is too loud, you’re too old. If you’re too old, you shouldn’t be out so late. Go home and let the people who still love their music to have fun and not have to sit through your indifference. Hopefully they enjoyed the lull provided by Lucinda Williams and didn’t ignore her as well.