Written by Eddie Ferranti
Mar 10, 2004 at 08:00 PM
ImageNo matter how cliche’ it has become to mention George Thorogood with the anthem he is known for, Bad to the Bone, tonight was the chance to see if Thorogood still had it or was heading to pasture like so many of these older acts seem to be doing. Tonight was the opportunity to see if Thorogood was still bad to the bone.Having seen quite a few veteran rockers mail in performances for one last chance to cash in on those still dumb enough to buy into their shows, skepticism brewed as I awaited Thorogood to take the stage. Could the man still rock like no other or would he belt out a few favorites amongst a barrage of new songs to help sell an album?

The question was answered immediately as Thorogood and his band, the Destroyers took the stage like it belonged solely to them. Sizzling solos, solid leads and Thorogoods commanding voice took hold of the audience and led them through their favorite songs like Greedy Man, Who Do You Love? and, of course, Bad To The Bone.

Thorogood wasted no time on stage commenting on the number of people in the audience or where to buy his new album, instead, he let the rock do the talking. Blazing through one classic after another, Thorogood displayed his guitar skills like no other.

Closing the set with a smoking version of You Talk Too Much, Thorogood and the Destroyers left everyone in the audience thirsty for more and sure to come back next time he hits town, which is something I wish more of these veteran acts would do.

Opening the show was one of the hottest bands in Texas, Los Lonely Boys.

These kids get what it takes to be a quality rock band. Plenty of poses, gimmicks that didn’t come off as cheesy and quality songwriting made their set rival most headliners.

For a garage band from San Angelo, Los Lonely Boys have kicked it up a level and found a home on the larger stage of theaters and eventually beyond. Enjoy a chance to catch them at a smaller venue now, because they won’t be there much longer with killer performances like these.