Written by Samuel Barker
Mar 18, 2004 at 08:00 PM
ImageSo, Mojo Nixon is calling it a career. Do I believe he is honestly done? No way in hell will I believe it. An opinionated loudmouth like Nixon will never hang it up for good, but there will be a lot less Mojo in the world now.As he took the stage to screams of “Don’t quit!!,” Nixon addressed the audience with a sly grin and proclaimed, “You have to quit before you can have a comeback tour!” This sent the audience into a frenzy that carried right into the customary opener, Debbie Gibson is Pregnant with My Two-headed Luv Child.

When Nixon last played here in Houston, he looked tired and close to the end, which he had hinted at the entire show. So, on this night it seemed unlikely that he would actually retire, but it definitely is not unreasonable to think that Mojo Nixon may never hit the stage again.

But, this was a new night and a new threat…and Nixon looked health and refreshed. There was no visible exhaustion, just a man living up his alleged last hurrah. The classics flowed as always, Drunk Divorced Floozie, Tie My Pecker to My Leg, Vibrator Dependent and Louisiana Liplock were all part of the set. Mojo and the rest of the Toadliquors were in top form.

Earl B. Freedom smiled and played through a few Mojo miscues, Wid tossed back shots and beat the drums and Pete “Wetdawg” Gordon played the piano like a possessed man and was even sentenced to fucking a plastic sheep for playing some Don Henley during Don Henley Must Die.

That’s right, all the old stops were pulled and the band came through. The Mojonites? Oh yes, they were in full effect. Voices were lost due to screaming along with Mojo during his rants and plenty of beer was spilled as people wildly danced along to the songs…of course, a lot more made it into the mouths of the Mojonites…trust me.

To close the night, Mojo came back for an encore to play the first song off of his first album, Jesus At McDonald’s. If this really is the last time we here in Houston see Mojo, there is no better way to close it down at the Continental. I’ll still have the mp3s I’ve downloaded to keep me company at night, what more do you need?