Written by Samuel Barker
Jun 14, 2004 at 08:00 PM
ImageDue to a freak power outage downtown, it took two days for this show to take place. Despite decent sales, the people willing to once again brave the horrid weather of late were considerably less than expected. However, it was nice to see the date come off with Tesla willing to use their off day to bring the rock to Houston.Admittedly, this was not one of those shows that jumped off the calendar to get everyone ready for a night down at Bayou Place. However, as soon as the band kicked into the title track of their new album Into The Now, the show never gave the audience a chance to get bored.

For a band that came to prominence in the MTV age with their 5 Man Acoustic Jam age, Tesla went back to little of that as they scorched through solos and searing leads, even throwing in a little theramin for good measure.

It was not a rare sight to see guitarist Tommy Skeoch and Frank Hannon pull off some duel solos while staring each other down or vocalist Jeff Keith shrieking his way through some of their solid new efforts and classic old tunes.

Those who were brave enough to go through the rain for a second chance at a night with Tesla had nothing to complain about as the band tore through plenty of crowd favorites leaving nothing untouched. Hell, there was even some acoustic sightings for the fans of that age.