Written by Abel Longoria
Oct 27, 2005 at 08:00 PM
ImageHIM which originates from Finland is currently on tour here in the U.S. promoting their newest release Dark Light that hit the shelves in September. They are extremely popular overseas in Europe and has been on the rise here in states for quite some time now. Their past releases are very popular even considering the fact that they have been hard to find imports. Dark Light, which has been released by a U.S. record label, assures the group that their music will be able to reach their current fans as well as new potential fans much more easily.

The audience at Verizon Wireless Amphitheater could not compare to the 50,000+ person crowds they have played for in Europe, but the energy on stage and amongst the fans was definitely no different! The crowd was extremely excited to have them playing here in Houston and the band obviously fed off of that energy and put on a show to remember.

Ville Valo, the lead singer with his ever-present cigarette in one hand and the microphone in the other took command of the stage and really made his presence felt.

At one point in the show, Ville skipped a line or two in a song in order to make sure that the fan that had just been brought over the barricade was indeed physically ok. I have seen many bands perform on many different levels and this was the first time I had seen someone take note of the well being of a fan much less doing it in the middle of a song. This truly spoke volumes about Ville and the band in general on their respect for those that love their music.

HIM played several tracks from their current album, which includes Vampire Heart, Killing Loneliness, Behind The Crimson Door, Under The Rose and Play Dead as well as some tracks from their earlier European releases. HIM ended the night by playing Wings Of A Butterfly which was definitely a crowd favorite and the perfect song to end a great show!

I can honestly say that prior to this night I had not heard of any of their music since most of their releases were only available through the import scene. With that being said, it only took about three songs or so for me to realize what everyone else in the building had already concluded, these guys were good! HIM can now consider me as the newest member of their ever-growing fan base here in the states.