Written by Eddie Ferranti
Jan 23, 2006 at 08:00 PM
ImageAerosmith blew into H-Town with their latest tour titled “Rockin’ the Joint”. Well that they did. Sort of. Given the huge crowd that showed up on a Monday evening, this band still commands a following in Houston. That is quite obvious since I think they’ve played the area about 6 times in the last 3 years!

They busted out with a screaming “Helter Skelter” and the hit parade was on. “Walk this Way” followed that one and walk Mr.Tyler did-on a ramp built completely around the floor of the arena! Ramps were also branching off of the sides of the huge stage making it a landing place for one of the band mates to land almost at all times.

Joe Perry can still jam with the best of them for sure. Killer licks on “Sweet Emotion”, “Dream On” and “Train kept a Rollin” were vintage. Maybe the best highlight was when the band did one from “Honkin with Bobo”-“Please Don’t Go”. The band seemed energized on this newer concert tune than a lot of the others.

Maybe it just this reviewers’ view, but big arena shows just leave a lot to be desired anymore. TOO loud and distorted vocals. Ramps all over creation to give everybody the “feel” like they were up close makes for a very disjointed performance to me. NEVER did I ever really feel into this show.

Don’t get me wrong-Tyler & Perry deserve credit for hangin’ in so well after all the shows they’ve done. Tyler’s stage presence still had girls young enough to be his granddaughters shakin’ their T&A all night! I’ve just seen them before in settings where they play straight forward as a BAND. What a concept. I commend Aerosmith for just being able to perform so well after all they’ve been thru over the years. Their catalog is embedded in classic rock history for sure. Corporate America concerts though are gettin’ to be weaker as time rolls on……….hears hoping they come back sometime and play smaller venues for the sake of what they truly are-a KILLER rock band!

Opening for Aerosmith was Lenny Kravitz. Being an artist that is notable for wanting a good crisp sound on stage, this show was lacking. Lenny went to the “I’ve had the flu/bear with my vocals” card early. It showed.

His band is always bad ass with steady drummer Cindy Blackman and underated guitarist Craig Ross. But the TOO loud distorted vocals made the show weak. “Let Love Rule” was a drawn out piece. NO “Fly Away” was inexcusable to this reviewer. Lenny’s Stevie Wonder head bobs tend to be comical after awhile, too.

Spending 10+ minutes circling the entire floor slapping hands was enough to make me take a nap. The show woke up at THE END with the war horse “Going My Way”, but by then I was going for a beer………mailing in shows should be reserved for artists way bigger than Mr. Kravitz. Ever since he cut his hair, his concerts have sucked. Somebody told him he was good. I think it was Lenny Kravitz…

Ever since he cut his hair, his concerts have sucked. Somebody told him he was good. I think it was Lenny Kravitz…