Written by Samuel Barker
Jul 06, 2006 at 08:00 PM
ImageI’ve seen a lot of metal bands in my day. I’ve seen all the greats, I’ve seen killer stage shows, heard the classics and moshed with the best of them, but on this night, I witnessed the greatest metal band to ever grace a stage. Better than Slayer, better than Metallica, better than Megadeth. Anthrax brought an energy, flair and fun-loving attitude that is missing from the horrible metal bands of today.

Coming back with the classic lineup of Joey Belladonna, Scott Ian, Frank Bello, Dan Spitz and Charlie Benante and playing a set that kicked off with Among The Living. Yes, the song…but also the entire album. It was phenomenal to see the band going crazy and tearing through their classic record from 20 years ago. Belladonna, Bello and Ian all jumped around the stage keeping the energy high while Spitz laid down some killer leads and solos.

The sheer speed and energy in the music combined with the physical output of the band would be exhausting for the most touted of metal musicians, but Anthrax never looked back. With the display of Amongst the Living, you could see the bridge between New York hardcore and the metal scene. The drop-D droning was no where to be found and Spitz and Ian flew around the fretboard with power chords and solid rhythmic work.

For a bit of fun, Joey Belladonna played with the audience members and press. When we wasn’t toying with the professional photographers at the front of the stage, he was taking a digital camera from a fan in the front row and taking pictures of himself, as well as the fan. With some of the serious themes of Anthrax’s music, this kept the mood light and entertaining, a wonderful blend.

It has taken me years and many failed attempts to finally see Anthrax. My high hopes and expectations were crushed when the band went above and beyond anything I ever expected. With Ian yelling about a new album coming out at the conclusion of Bring The Noise, the set closer, it was heartwarming to know this would not be the last time this lineup hit the road. This is the lineup that made Anthrax and will keep it going for another decade.