Written by Abel Carmona
Sep 14, 2006 at 08:00 PM
ImageWhen walking in to the Verzion Wireless Theater Thursday night, I came in on the second song of opener Dr. Dog’s set and to say the least there wasn’t much of a crowd there. My first thoughts were “man these bands must really suck to have
nobody here”. Not knowing a lot about The Raconteurs except for the fact that Jack
White was in the band didn’t help my thoughts of how bad this night would be

As Dr. Dog finished their set, to which I will say was a very interesting and
eclectic group. The crowds chats of “we want Jack, we want Jack” had started as
soon I got up front to get ready to take some photos.  The Raconteurs came out
minus Jack White, then in a rush White came on stage guitar in hand and just tore
in to the first track and from the moment I heard the first song I was hooked.

Their sound has so many different elements to it, based mostly off of rock but
dipping into country, folk, jazz and early British rock. Sounds that many bands
may only use one of The Raconteurs use them all and in some songs you may hear
them go from one style to another in the same track. As the Third song of the set
finished I went to leave the stage area and to my surprise the floor of the
Verizon was complete filled.

Now remember as I said before the place was pretty much empty when I went up to
the front , so it was definitely a shock to see that many people had come in from
the time I went to take pictures to the time I left the stage front. But that may
it very evident that there was something to this band. By the time they got around
to playing their current single “Steady As She Goes” I had become a fan.

Seems The Raconteurs have begun blowing up the music scene in a big way. Forming
in 2005 and recording when time allowed, because of the fact that all members are
also in other bands. They got a single out for “Steady As She Goes” on January
30th 2006 with the video to soon follow on March 10th 2006. They finished
recording their album “Broken Boy Soldiers” and it released on May 16th going to
number seven on the U.S. charts and number two in the UK. They were also seen
playing at the recent MTV video awards.

The Raconteurs qualify as a rock-and-roll super group, featuring the songwriting
of Jack White of The White Stripes, and Brendan Benson, who are both from Detroit,
Michigan. Also with the talents of Jack Lawrence and Patrick Keeler of the band
The Greenhorns and live touring member Dean Fertita. In the band’s own words,
however, they are not a super group, asserting that the term implies something
pre-planned, when they are actually “a new band made up of old friends.”

During their set they played “Hands”, “Together”, “Blue Veins” and Broken Boy
Soldiers”. One thing that truly impressed me was their song 5 on 5 which starts
out with lyrics to the song “Who Do You Love” but they took it and played for
almost 15 minutes slowing down the tempo then picking it back up with Jack white
doing three guitar solos through out the song. White’s guitar playing was a very
interesting thing to watch because of his very iritic movements that make him
look as if he feels every note he is playing.

The Raconteurs are a band definitely worth going to see it was one of the most
entertaining nights I have had in a long time. I strongly recommend picking up the
album “Broken Boy Soldiers” and keep on the look out for them if they come back to
town in the near future. Their live show is something that listening to a CD
cannot replace.