Written by Eddie Ferranti
Sep 22, 2006 at 08:00 PM
ImageEasy to analyze the gig I covered last Friday at the Warehouse Live in H-Town. Something like: “JET lands in Houston then TAKES OFF!” So there. Seriously, these guys walked on stage and just tore into “Come On Come On”, “Get What You Need” and “Holiday”. After this 3 song set it felt like the show was ON for sure!

I really dug the no nonsense approach displayed by this Australian quartet. Raw, direct, primitive and very loose are great adjectives for this crew.  Good old fashioned sweaty rock and roll blazed out of these dudes all night. The tunes flowed smoothly thru “Money Mouth”, Skin and Bones”, “Look What You’ve Done” and “Bring it on Back”. But when the slow build up began for “Are You Gonna Be My Girl”, the building erupted! Lyrics were screamed by the pro male crowd with a passion. Wow. Nic Cester is an excellent front man.

Not hogging the spotlight. but definitely in control of the the stage at all times! Eight more blazers followed including hit singles “Cold Hard Bitch” and encore closer “Rollover DJ”. They showed off “Shine On”, also in the encore, from the new CD to be released in October. This will definitely be the last time you get to catch a band of this quality in a tight arena like The Warehouse Live. Already catching the eye of such heavy weights as the Rolling Stones and Oasis-both of which had them open for them-these guys are on their way to bigger and better things.

Coming from the land who spawned AC/DC, these boys seem ready to carry on the rock and roll heritage of their homeland. Jet came on the scene along with the Vines, Hives and Strokes. The latter has survived, but I think these guys will outlast them all down the long and winding road of ROCK………..at least it will be worth checking them out!