Written by Eddie Ferranti
Oct 06, 2006 at 08:00 PM
ImageHad a chance to go catch one of my favorite woman performers, Sheryl Crow, at the Woodlands recently. I remember seeing her blow away the families that showed up years ago when she was touring behind “All I Wanna Do” pop that got her noticed. She came out looking like a full blown hippy with a living room setting to do songs! All that was missing was the bong on the coffee table. Well a lot of water has gone under the bridge since then. She just battled cancer and it is cool that she can go out and rock again.

By the way, she CAN do that! She’s a more polished “apple” if you will as far as dolled up. To the point where her cheeks looked like “Howdy Doody”! This may have been caused by the vainess of cancer rehab. Whatever. I love the woman. She has a tight ass band, too that gave you all the chestnuts and then some, especially the rockin’ encore of “Rock ‘N Roll”! “Change” kicked it off and that is where this reviewer needs to get on his soap box and rant.

Change is what places like the Woodlands are doing-selling this CO-HEADLINER crap on a stupid ass public @ $85 a ticket AFTER you join dumb ass fan clubs at $29.99 just to buy tix!!! They made a big deal that you could come see Mayer’s SOUND CHECK @ 3pm and made it sound like that was a cool thing! ONLY the “fan club” member could attend and the gates opened at 6pm!! Say what?! I guess you’ve noticed I finally named the “other” headliner, John Mayer. This dude flat out sucks. He’s an example of the so called talent that is being thrust upon the American public.

They tell you he’s good, so he must be. If you’d throw Eric Clapton (riffs only), Michael Bolton (rip off skills) and Dave Matthews (grubby I’m cool look) you’d have Mr.Mayer. Understandable lyrics do not exist with this guy. I’ve seen him twice and have not understood a word yet! Co-Headliner meant 75 minute sets from both of them. What?!

Sheryl was very enjoyable and did a lot of my favorites that will bring me back in the future- if she gets a grip. Otherwise, tagging along with douche bags like Mayer to tour is weak……………I like it so much better when I really enjoy a gig! This one left me wanting and feeling used by the system. Not even the Woodlands’ $9 beers could help or save me…