Written by Eddie Ferranti
Feb 12, 2007 at 08:00 PM
ImageGot to go out on a “school night” Monday evening to check out the return of Bob Seger and the Silver Bullet Band to Houston after 11 long years. I had the pleasure of being at that gig also in the famous Summit back in ’96. It was “deja vu” all over again for me, thank goodness! What a killer evening it was.

Of course, Mr. Bob has weathered a bit since we last saw him, but who hasn’t? His voice was remarkably strong this night. The signature growl of his was still adding all the touches to his unreal catalog of tunes! The simply dressed Seger (with the classic old style gym black head band!) charged thru all the goodies, backed by the tight ass SBB, featuring Don Brewer from Grand Funk Railroad on skins! From the opener of “Roll Me Away” to the closer of “Rock and Roll Never Forgets”, the Toyota Center ROCKED.

Exhausted was how this reviewer felt after singing along to memorable gems like “Mainstreet”, “Old Time Rock and Roll”, “Turn the Page” (goosebumps from Alto Reeds’ performance!), “We’ve Got Tonight” (Seger on piano sweet!), along with faithful and fired up versions of “Travelin Man/Beautiful Loser”, “Ramblin Gamblin Man”, “Fire Down Below”, “Sunspot Baby”, “Betty Lou’s Gettin’ Out Tonight” and “Katmandu”! Wow.
HOW many bands down the road will be able to do “Greatest Hits” type tours and be THIS strong?!

Granted, the new material from his first CD in 11 years, “Face the Promise”, was an after thought/potty break for this throng of 13,000 plus. They came for the American Fabric Rock N’ Roll of Bob Seger. Period.

An evening of letting yourself go back to a time when making out, lost loves, endless summer nights full of sunsets and basic hopes and dreams ruled our lives.

There is something comforting about following a dude like this over his 40 year career. A Bob Seger concert is like a reunion with an old friend. Again, find me an artist who will have a career in 4 years let alone 44 years from now?!

Today’s music industry is a vast wasteland of celebrity currently and seeing someone who is over 60 rocking harder than most teens is more than cool, its downright inspiring to me. Despite being gone for over a decade from touring, Seger made it seem like he never left. 2 plus hour gig blew the roof off this evening and believe me, Rock and Roll will NEVER forget Bob Seger…’TILL NEXT TIME, I’m out.