Written by James Dillon
Mar 11, 2007 at 08:00 PM
ImageThe first thing I noticed when I got to the Verizon Wireless Theater on Sunday, March 11th, was the line outside. The show was completely sold out, and everyone with a ticket was waiting in line in hopes of getting a good spot close to the stage. Getting through security was less than pleasant, with security trying to confiscate my Bic pen. After explaining why I needed it, I was finally allowed to enter the venue, pen in hand.

Unfortunately I managed to miss all but the last song of the first band, Silversun Pickups. The band went on half an hour before the show was scheduled to start. Though I did like the song that I got to hear, I didn’t see or hear enough to give an opinion on this group.

Next up for the evening was Ok Go. This band has been creating quite a buzz with their dance oriented music videos and their incredibly catchy songs.

Having seen Ok Go before, I knew what to expect from these guys. A sold set with lots of energy, songs that will be stuck in your head long after the concert is over, and of course, floral patterns galore.

Unfortunately there were more security issues regarding my camera so I spent most of Ok Go’s set outside getting everything figured out. But from what I was able to see, the band was as entertaining as ever.

Once I had all the security problems taken care of, I returned to the venue to catch the evening’s headliner, Snow Patrol. In the past year Snow Patrol has gotten quite popular, with the song “Chasing Cars” in regular rotation on radio stations of all different kinds. Looking around before Snow Patrol took the stage I noticed that the venue was completely packed. Even the nosebleed section was full. The group also brought in people of all ages.
People from 10 years old to 60 turned out to see the performance.

Snow Patrol took the stage and immediately tore into their set. The energy started off great, playing up beat songs such as “Spitting Games”.  After the first few songs, the energy on stage seemed to subside as the Scottish switched gears and played slower, more laid back songs.

The most memorable point of the night came when singer Gary Lightbody invited a young girl out of the audience to sing on stage along side him.
The young girl, obviously very nervous, was given a microphone and a set of headphones. During the song it was hard to hear her singing at times, but it was very entertaining to see. At one point during the girl’s time on stage, Lightbody started singing the song directly to her, making her even more embarrassed.

The group played for a quite a while, playing more crowd favorites such as “Final Straw” and the hit single “Chasing Cars”.

Leaving this Snow Patrol, I liked the group a little more than I had before. They sounded better live, mostly due to Lightbody having his voice this time around. I will be interested to see what happens with this group, I think they have the potential to grow into a bigger and better group.