Written by Abel Carmona
Mar 23, 2007 at 08:00 PM
ImageWhat makes a band a sellout, some say it’s when a band gives into record labels and industry and forgets or cares nothing for the fans that put them where they are. But that was far from the case on this night. On this night being a sellout meant, selling out your first venue on your first headlining tour and showing appreciation to those fans that got you there. Evans Blue found their way back to Houston and brought some great local talent to help make their show a sellout at the Meridian.

Starting the night off were local Houston/Dallas boys Glass Intrepid, who I had heard of many times but haven’t been able to catch live. They walked on stage and to say the least I was impressed at the ass kicking they handed to the crowd in just one song. Their set included songs “Whatever It Takes”, “Good Enough” and “Only One”. Glass Intrepid is a band that I will definitely make time to see again, and if you want to check them out live they will be playing at the Roc Bar in Bayou Place on April 5th.

Other opening bands tonight were Under The Green and Miser. Neither of these bands really peaked any interest from me as they were decent but forgettable. The only exception was when somewhere during Miser’s set they did a cover of The Cranberries “Zombie” that can’t be forgotten, not because of how great it was but because for one I couldn’t believe they were doing it. And two it was just really really bad.

And now this brings up Evans Blue, with this being their 5th time in Houston I have enjoyed watching this band just get bigger and bigger every single time they stop in. They came on strong as they walked on stage front man Matisyn led Evans Blue straight into “A Cross And A Girl Named Blessed”, and then “The Dark That Follows”. During “Dark That Follows” Matisyn (who isn’t a small guy) moves and jumps around a lot on stage, lost his footing and went stumbling in to bassist Joe Pitter almost taking him down. Afterward he told the crowd “Man, I think I almost killed him”

After those two songs Matisyn spoke to the crowd some more and thanked Houston for giving them their first sell out on the tour. Afterward they played a few more songs from their first album “The Melody And Energetic Nature of Volume” that included “Over”, “Beg” and of course “Cold(But I’m Still Here)”. Before playing “Cold (But I’m Still Here)” he told the crowd he was sorry if this song got over played on the radio, and I couldn’t help but laugh.

Because there was a few months were it seemed as if that song was being played every other song or so. Which is one thing that I hate about radio, you can find a good band and they have a good single. But then radio gets a hold of it and proceeds to play it and just beat it to death till there’s nothing left of a song and it can just make you sick of a band really fast.

With this being my third time to see Evans Blue, I was as always impressed. Evans Blue sound so much better live than on CD, while I do like their album when you see them live Matisyns voice really comes across so much stronger especially during his screams and yells. You feel as if you know he has been hurt and he wants you to feel it too.  As the guitars come out swinging well too, they sound so much more metal than they do on the album.

We were also treated to a few new tracks off of Evans Blue upcoming album “The Pursuit begins When This Portrayal Of Life Ends” due out in early June. I didn’t catch many names to the songs that were played except for the title track “The Pursuit”, most of their new stuff sounded pretty good, And I wouldn’t be surprised to see them come back later this summer touring behind the new release.  In the end enjoyed my night watching Evans Blue and, will most likely do it again when they return to Houston in the near future…