Written by Todd Spoth
May 28, 2007 at 08:00 PM
ImageLast year Morrissey canceled his Houston stop so this year, just as it is in most large metroplexes, the line into the venue was as long as I’ve seen in a very long time. Rarely do I get to witness such a motley crue of fans lining up for one man. From babies to people that could have been my grandparents; every walk of life came out of the woodwork to witness all that is Morrissey.

Another solo act, Kristeen Young, performed first. She was a sort of like a new-age mix between Bonnie Tyler and the Cranberries, wearing wings on her arms and a kitchen apron to top off her eclectic wardrobe. The lighting direction was incredible throughout the set, often casting ominous shadows and silhouettes onto the background.  I was, however, glad she ended where she did as the music was growing a little old.

After a very long set up period, Morrissey’s band took the stage, followed by Morrissey himself, bowing to each portion of the crowd as if he were a member of the Royal Family. The audience showed their appreciation by holding up signs, throwing roses onto the stage, and screaming louder than I have heard a crowd in ages. Morrissey has performed for decades and it seems he has yet to lose a beat or a step. He controlled every second of his outstanding performance like a jockey at the Kentucky Derby. It is always a pleasure to watch him perform. -Todd Spoth (www.toddspoth.com)