Written by Eddie Ferranti
Jul 03, 2007 at 08:00 PM
ImageFor 33 years, Joan Armatrading has been entertaining the masses with her rich, warm and remarkable voice. This night, I got to experience it first hand in the city by the bay, San Francisco. Being the only photographer approved, I was stoked for this gig.

Joan had the entire show filmed also for a possible DVD, too. This reviewer was not let down!

Armatrading’s songs are in the truest sense soul music. Even when she jams on her bad ass guitar the tunes come across as heartfelt confessions from the heart. This show began with a 1983 goodie “Heaven”. It was followed by “The Devil I Know” and a cut from the new CD, “A Woman in Love”. I was turned onto Joan after hearing the new release “Into the Blues”, which I think is more direct and modern than her older material. “Something’s Gotta Blow” was killer along with a double dip of new tunes “Play the Blues” and “Into the Blues”.

After that it was memory lane time with 1976’s “Love and Affection” and “All the Way from America” from 1980. JA jumped back into the new stuff with “My Baby’s Gone” and “Empty Highway”. I give her props for exposing the new stuff to the crowd when she could of just done a greatest hits deal and left. The crowd by the way-very pro ladies- was into this gig from thee opening song, which showed how much she is loved state side………”Cool Blue Stole My Heart” from 1975 kicked butt.

After a rousing applause, Joan came back for “Me Myself”, “Willow” and “Drop the Pilot”. Armatrading has put out like 18 albums over her career. Amazing that she played such an intimate setting as The Great American Music Hall this night.

This woman has received accolades all over the world for her achievements, including Woman of the Year in the United Kingdom in 2005 for a term of 5 years. This day, she was the woman of San Francisco for sure!…………Until the next time, I’m out.