Written by Jennifer Carmona
Dec 07, 2007 at 08:00 PM
ImageChino Moreno and Team Sleep performed for a massive crowd at the Meridian Friday night.  Anticipation could be felt all over the room for the first note to be played.  The audience couldn’t get close enough to the stage.  It was packed full of people who wanted to hear the dreamy and methodic sounds of Team Sleep.  The first beat dropped had everyone in a trance and ready for the rest of the show in this intimately spaced venue.

The strings of guitarist, Todd Wilkinson, and bassist Rick Verrat led us into one of my favorite songs, Ever, followed by the tranquil drums of Zach Hill and DJ Crook working the mixing board. The crowd seemed mesmerized as the songs pined on.  I enjoyed the lullaby like feel to this as well as being able to feel the bass all over my body from the speakers.

A few patrons wanted to get up close and personal with the band by joining them on stage.  Chino never missed a beat as he had his arm grabbed by a fan.  They picked up the pace with songs like, King Diamond and a few other songs from their self-titled album, Team Sleep.

The setting at the Meridian was dimly lit and obscure.  Yet through the sea of shadowed fans Chino and the band really connected with the folks of Houston who made it out this evening.  When the songs were fast paced and hype so was the crowd.  When slower ballads were played the audience seemed to mellow and enjoy the melodic tunes.

Team Sleep performed with energy and enthusiasm and appeared to have really enjoyed themselves.  These guys put on an awesome show.  I look forward to seeing them next time they come to Houston hopefully in the near future.