Written by Abel Carmona
Apr 17, 2008 at 08:00 PM
Once again Dave Mustaine brought his Gingantour to town, with this year’s line-up featuring , High on Fire, Job for a Cowboy, Children of Bodom, In Flames and of course Megadeth. I got to the venue in the last part of Children of Bodoms set and had never really heard much from these guys. I knew who they were because I always see all the kiddos wearing their t-shirts but had never gotten a chance to listen or see them before.  Really wasn’t impressed with anything I heard from them, they almost sounded too generic like most other black metal bands around right now.  Although they did seem to have some good fan support in the crowd so I’m sure some enjoyed their show I just wasn’t one of them.

Next up was Sweden’s In Flames, a band I have kept up for a while but have never got to see live.  As In Flames hit the stage I knew I wasn’t going to be disappointed. Their style of metal is the type of black, death, or whatever you want to call it kind of metal that I love. Their sounds are a mix of hard guitar riffs followed by some melodic ones, and no over bearing double bass drums. I mean I do like the way a double bass kick sounds, but when bands have it going on the entire song or set, it just gets old.

What really brings their sound together to me is the vocals, a well blended mix of harsh growls and screams with some good clean vocal work to even it all out.  Although I did get a kick out of hearing vocalist Anders speak to the fans, you go from this hard growling voice, to something that sounds like the Swedish chef from sesame street, telling the fans how much they enjoyed being in the US and that they will be back with a tour of their own sometime very soon.

And to end the night old Dave and his boys Megadeth shut it down for the night, Megadeth got on stage and just seemed to keep their foot on the gas. They would play 3 to 4 songs at a time before even taking a quick break, and then right back to it. At one point Dave did say he didn’t talk much at shows because he knows you didn’t pay to come hear him speak, you came to hear him play. Something I wish more bands would take in to thought sometimes.  As always Megadeth sound was tight, guitars tearing through riffs and cutting sick solos.

Megadeths set hit through all of their albums with most of the focus being on their new piece of work “United Abominations”. Most of the big fan favorites such as “peace sells”, “holy wars” and “Symphony of Destruction”. One of Megadeths Newer songs “gears of war” was one I remembering hearing about on the radio, seems Dave got with the times and actually released this song on the video game “Gears of Wars” soundtrack before it was released on the new album. Something that seems to be a new trend in music, many of today’s games feature real music by real bands which brings their sound to people who would have otherwise never heard it.