Written by Eddie Ferranti
May 31, 2008 at 08:00 PM
ImageGot a chance to pull off a rare double dip of the same artist recently in H-Town. A favorite of my better half Rosie & I is Randy Weeks. This was our 5th and 6th go around with RW. What a sweet deal indeed.

Opening teaser was at a very nice set up at Cactus Music. Man, ya gotta go to these things folks. Very nice stage compared to their last set-up in store. FREE cold beer from St Arnolds is not bad either. I was really geeked to see how Mr Weeks would come across solo.

First thing I noticed was a “foot dealie” that supplied a very cool bass effect. Coupled with his super smooth harmonica rap, he came across as a full band, if you will.  This guy just comes at me in such a positve vibe. The lyrics are beyond classic heartbreak turned jam tune. At 1pm in thee afternoon I was ALREADY looking forward to seeing the night gig after he tore thru “Transistor Radio” at the Cactus. Randy featured tunes from the 2 badass recent CD’s “Sold Out at the Cinema” & “Sugarfinger” at both events……AND let’s visit that main event.

YIKES is a good start. Rosie & I have never latched on to something so effortlessly like the “Almost Austin” house concert series at thee adobe of Kenny Pipes, Jr.  This was our 6th one-I think- and they just seem to get better. Fortunately for us, we were responsible for hooking up KPJ with Randy and sweet Mary-lyn for this gig.

Attendance ended up topping out at 39 people and it ROCKED in more ways than one. In this day and age we live in, finding the best bang for your hard earned buck is happening at the “House Concert on House Street” in Pasadena,Texas!  GET there around 6pm and you get thee full effect. “Pot Luck” food is way over the top, always featuring a delicious entree from “Chef Daniel”, KPJ’s right hand man. Something called “Zoopah” was being devoured by this reviewer. He has had beans, outrageous chicken and dumplings and gumbo to name a few over the previous visits. Yum yum before, during and after chow. Never a bad idea.

As far as the music part of the evening, it was a pleasure to be in the 4th row. Every song was cheered from the get go. You could tell Randy was impressed. As was I. Rosie told Randy he would work at this type of show and boy did she cash her ticket on this one! Just yelling WEEKS feels good. Calling out the smokin’ version of “Ton of Shame” made my night when Randy busted into a wicked smile as he burned the opening chords of one of my favorites!  His Lucinda Williams hit “Cant Let Go” was hot at both events.  An above average fan base yelling song titles and singing lyrics-19 new concert 1st timers-was beyond cool.

The Houston music scene is showing a very viable pulse if you follow the right paths these days. I know I have 2 seats booked for Randy Weeks 7/11/08 AND 9/12/08 at the Mucky Duck.  So there.  As a good friend of the local music scene thru the “Front Porch Society” and “Sound Man” at Almost Austin, Randy Hill recently said: “Everybody who plays at Kenny’s wants to know when they can come back…..” Enuff said.  Hope to CYA out and about kids…Later, Edge