Written by Abel Carmona
Aug 16, 2008 at 08:00 PM
ImageHey boys and girls, it’s been a while since I got myself out to a show but tonight’s show was just something I couldn’t miss. Being a long time NIN fan and having been listening to their new album “The Slip” I couldn’t wait to see what Reznor had to offer fans with this tour. Opening tonight’s show was a band called ‘A Place to Bury Strangers’ which I didn’t get to see much of but did hear a little of their set and liked what I heard.

With most shows we take photos of the first three songs, tonight was a little different as we were told we would be shooting songs four through eight. So before we went down for photos I got to watch NIN first two songs before going down. Just watching those two songs made me realize how great the show was going to be. First out on stage was drummer Josh Fresse followed by guitarist Robin Fink who began playing as the crowd eagerly awaited Reznor.

As Trent Reznor came out the Toyota Center became deafening as the crowds roars filled the arena. The roars were quickly silenced by the sounds of ripping guitars and drums. As the third song began we went down to the floor and got ready to begin shooting. Walking out to stage front we began shooting and it was then I could see that Reznor was just pouring sweat as he was giving everything he could to his fans; his once light blue shirt was an almost black looking piece of cloth.

At the end of the eighth song we could see two screens coming down from above the stage, so I hurried back upstairs and put my stuff away and went back to see what was going on with these screens. I have seen NIN more than a few times in the past and have seen them use large almost see through screens that had images projected on to them as the band played behind it. But these were different; these were almost like a curtain made up of led lights.

The visuals that these screens produced were amazing, one screen sat in front of the band with another behind and then another behind that so three screens in all. And each one interacted with the next as images were layer between them all. After the very impressive light show the screens were raised about half way as NIN did about 4 songs off the recent ‘Ghost I – IV” instrumental album. While these songs aren’t the raw power of most NIN songs they offer a different view of Reznor and his creative abilities.

By the end of the show I nor anyone in Toyota center could say they weren’t impressed by NIN tonight after being giving an over two hour set. Their long lasting presents and always influencing music has been something I have always held close to me from the first time I heard “Head like a Hole” to hearing newer offerings like “Discipline” I have always kept up with this band as it seemed most fans tonight do too. It’s always great to go to a show where fans know every song and not just the hits or newer singles…