Written by James Dillon
Oct 09, 2008 at 08:00 PM

Nights that involve either the Walkmen or The Young Mammals aren’t simply shows. They are hot and sweaty, full of debauchery, and you may or many not remember parts of it. The first time I saw The Walkmen was back in 2005 when the opened for Modest Mouse on the “Sin City” tour presented by Camel. If you were at that show, you know what I am talking about. I have also seen the Young Mammals a handful of times now, mostly at parties.Walter’s was completely sold out by the time I parked my car and started walking up to the venue. More people were walking away disappointed than were heading in at this point, and none of the bands had even gone on yet. The party had already started with the “patio” outside Walter’s occupied with quite a few people, none without a drink.

I got inside in time to catch the opening chords of Houston’s very own wrecking force, The Young Mammals. I feel like I must admit a small amount of bias towards a few of our local bands, as a few have lately become friends or acquaintances. And even though their guitarist does sit across the isle from me in my English class, I must put this bias aside. With that said believe me when I say these guys are fucking amazing.

For the past couple of years they having been perfecting their songs, and each time I see them they get better and better. The sing guitar driven pop songs, sounding like a mix of a better version of the Strokes, with a Dash of Pixies, and some Ramones thrown in for fun. But don’t let these comparisons fool you, these guys aren’t simply playing power chords. Their dual guitars have tons of interesting subtleties. After playing a short set, which included guest vocals from Zahira from the Wild Moccasins, they ended their set, leaving ears ringing early on in the night.Image

The next band for the evening was the group Little Ones. Unfortunately I got sidetracked by conversation and missed most of their set, but what I heard sounded fantastic.Once The Little Ones packed up their gear the night’s headliners took the stage.

From the first chords the Walkmen played, it was a nonstop set of fist pumping, singing along, dancing, and even more drinking. The Walkmen make good records, but I enjoy their songs live infinitely more. Seeing them this time was much more enjoyable, as I didn’t black out in the middle of their set (long story, I had just started college when I saw them the first time). A nice blend of new songs, off their latest album “You and Me”, and older gems like “The Rat” kept everyone dancing late into the night. If you have never seen the Walkmen, I 100% recommend that you go next time they are in town. Buy your tickets early, as they will probably sell out again. Don’t be surprised, however, if you find yourself seeing them at one of our cities larger venues.