Written by Eddie Ferranti
Jan 17, 2009 at 08:00 PM
ImageGot to kick off my concert coverage in 2009 with a stalwart series that me and my better half Rosie have embraced since September of 2007, the Almost Austin House Concerts in Pasadena, Texas.  Mr. Kenny Pipes has gotten off to a great start with his latest gig.

He was thrown a curve ball in late December when Carolyn Wonderland  (who has played there several times)  cancelled her date to go on tour in California. Pipes was scrambling,  but inserted Mr.Randy Weeks in her spot.  All I can say is “Carolyn Who?!”  Weeks filled the bill and then some this night. He had played KP’s before and this go around was even better. Randy seemd so relaxed and came at the crowd like a silent assasin.  Dude brought his electric guitar this time and it was bad ass. He said he was a little shaky about it because he’s usually surrounded by others handling lead electric. Considering I’ve seen him have the likes of Eric Danheim, Rick Poss and Tony Gilkyson I could understand his fears, but RW sells himself short from what I’ve seen myself. In December I caught him at Antones in Austin at Will Sexton’s jam and Randy burned up the stage when given his turn! Along with his foot pedal bass “thingie” and harmonica it felt like a small band was performing.

Randy pumped in a lot of tunes from his soon to be released CD “Going My Way” and it sounds like a winner to this reviewer. The 40+ crowd was enthusiastic and hanging on every word to every tune. Amazing. I was impressed at the die hard WEEKS fans in attendance. New ones “I Couldn’t Make It”, “Fine Way to Treat Me”, and the title tune were beyond cool. “Black Coffee and Lifesavers” and “I Think You Think” had tongue in cheek twists that is WEEKS at his best!  The way he goes from Lou Reed to Willie Nelson to just plain good is worth every penny to see. I could go on and on about the songs he performed (“Can’t Let Go” & “Ton of Shame” ROCKED),  but it is easier to put down what the man himself proclaimed after over 2 plus hours of playing: “Well Kenny, I’m running out of songs!”

To that, myself and others yelled out “Linoleum” which he performed like he did it every show!  The refrain about “grabbing her by the hair and spinning her around” got a huge cheer from the pro Weeks crowd. That is a constant at Almost Austin that is priceless in itself, folks. This crowd KNOWS music and appreciates thee artisits who come and embrace the scene. Hell, sweet Joy Wren and a pal came to the gig representing Piney Woods Performances which is a house concert series in Conroe. House concerts supporting house concerts……cool!

Rosie & I are booked for our virgin trip in March to see porterdavis up there.  Throw in the usual kick ass grub (Chef Daniel’s “Zoupa” this night = delicious!) and BYOB on a Saturday night and you have a head shakin’ “Man that was fun” kind of evening folks!  I already cannot wait until 2/6/09 for the CD release party @ the Mucky Duck to see these tunes performed with a full band in tow. In closing kids, you can never get tired of a good WEEEEEKS scream to get ya going !!  I advise you get out to catch this dude ASAP…FYI: Kenny has him booked for 11/7/09. It’s circled on my calendar…Support LIVE music my friends. You won’t regret it and there’s a good chance you’ll see us there, too…God Bless & Peace, Edge