Written by Samuel Barker
Jan 23, 2009 at 10:00 PM
ImageFor a while, Jeramy (one of our fine promotions contacts) has been trying to get me to go out and see Grupo Fantasma. Honestly, the definition of a “Latin Orchestra” just did not get me all that excited. Growing up in Texas and living in the Houston area, I’m plenty familiar with latin music, tejano and the like, and having a rock background, why worry with it, right?

Well, after Fun Fun Fun Fest, one of the names being mentioned by many I knew who attended was Grupo Fantasma, so I decided it was time to break down and check out a show. Not sure how I would like it, I ventured out the Warehouse Live with kids in tow for a night of uncertainty.

About 2 notes in, uncertainty was no longer relevant. The only thing relevant after those notes was fun. The band and the audience instantly looked like they were having a blast. Horns blared, guitars wailed, funky basslines were laid down and the beats were coming from all over. The band was channelling equal parts funk, rock and mambo.

The blend was infectious. You could not help but move around and dance. Fun filled the air, beats were everywhere and the spectrum of sound brought the night alive. It kept smiles glued to the faces on and off the stage.

I will definitely do my best to check out this band in the future. A great band to bring a special someone to see so you can dance the night away. The band received a Grammy nomination for their latest album and it is of little mystery to anyone at Warehouse Live tonight why.