Written by Eddie Ferranti
Mar 06, 2009 at 08:00 PM
ImageBig Head Todd & the Monsters is a rock band who formed in 1986 in Colorado.Hard to believe these dudes have been around that long already. They have developed a “cult” type following if you will, especially in the Mountain States of thee USA. This evening they were in town at the House of Blues far from the mountains in downtown Houston, Texas.

Touring behind their latest album, “All the Love You Need”, Mr.Mohr showed up sporting a shorter haircut than I’ve ever seen before. This was my third go around with BHT and the first away from the Meridian, where they’ve played before in H-Town. I don’t know if the bigger stage of HOB got him fired up, but BHT came out smokin’ hot and never really slowed down. Todd even mentioned 3 songs in that “this is the best show they have had in a Houston venue!”  Dudes ROCKED for well over 2 hours which is a rareity in today’s concert scene.

The new material played quite well, especially with the talented Joan Joans and her sax player backing up on horns. JJ opened the show with a nice set, too. The highlighted new ones were “Her Own Kind of Woman”, “Ever Since You Pulled Me Under”, “Cruel Fate”, “Spanish Highway”,  KILLER “Cashbox” and “Blue Sky”. But the couple of tunes that made it all worthwhile to venture into the HOB this night were white hot versions of “Broken Hearted Saviour” and “Bittersweet”. I’d never seen the latter tune done so hard rock before. Todd was way on top of his game this evening for sure. The show was very enjoyable, albeit the usual tough time to get close to the stage due to a pro-male crowd. BHT does it so different from most bands these days.

Their philosophy is that we get to play for you and we’re damn glad to do it. That being said, they’ve offered their latest CD for freakin FREE on line! I’ve stated before that I’m a dinasour when it comes to MP3 players and online “downloading, but I understand what free means for sure. How refreshing is that concept? “Boom Boom”, Johnny Cash’s “Folsom Prison Blues” and “Beautiful World” closed out this astonishing display of rock music. BHT has always been known for their powerful live performances and “unique” sound. Whatever that sound is, it sounded pretty damn bad ass to this reviewer!  Looking forward to their next visit already……………Later, I’m out.