Written by Eddie Ferranti
Apr 06, 2009 at 08:00 PM
ImageA good buddy of HMR, Amanda Cagan, sent me a request to cover an up and coming metal band recently.  AC is with ABC Productions and the band she was touting was “Burn Halo”. They are currently out on the road involved in something called the Snocore Tour with Saliva and Static-X.

On this leg of the tour, Saliva had some problems and we were told they would not be there. Bummer. Because we committed to do Burn Halo we did not hesitate to check it out.  I have lived in the area around this club, Scout Bar, for all of its existence, but never graced their door.  I got my running mate Ken and we were treated very nicely upon arrival, thanks to Amanda. Nice when it goes smooth at the door for sure.

Because of no Saliva, they had thrown a forgetful opening act of “The Flood”. They were a brooding scary type of band that does squat for this reviewer.

After a few beers, Burn Halo came on. This band has a lead singer by the name of James Hart. James had led a band in Orange County for like 10 years called “18 Visions”.  After they parted ways in 2007 Mr. Hart hooked up Zac Maloy out of Tulsa, Oklahoma. This has been a good hook up so far it seems.  Maloy has the pretty boy good looks and looks like his polished fingertips can play some smokin’ shit.

From what I saw, the band is kind of stuck in between what they are trying to be. Mr.Hart has said he wants to build BH into a very straight forward rock band.  I think they need to bend towards the 80’s rock style and turn it down a tad and build on Hart’s vocal prowess, if he’s up to it.  Touring with metal in your face trash is only going to further muddle their growth.  As far as a plus for sure was the radio friendly rocker “Dirty Little Girl”.  This tune shows the way they need to progress too to achieve any sort of success. Like having lyrics you can understand over the white noise maybe ?!   “Save Me” was of worthy note this evening also.

All in all, I dug going to a venue I had never covered before and being treated very cool. My podner Kennie & I ran out the door before Static X took the stage. This old fart’s ears can only handle so much, plus a downer was allowing smoking in a low ceiling club.  Yuk folks…Cya where something cool is going on, Edge.